What’s Next for Influencer Marketing?

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Influencer Marketing.

As influencer marketing develops over time and as more and more brands give their trust and money to bloggers and talents, influencer marketing has become one essential component of any digital marketing strategy. Almost all of the brands today have their own social media account – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now they’re paving way to a more diverse strategy concerning not only popular bloggers but also the promising bloggers with huge number of followers and consistent readers.


Although the main social media platforms are promising great engagement, more consumers nowadays consider reviews, insights and first-hand experiences from co-consumers. From blogs and videos, consumers seem to contemplate more on these marketing strategies than the usual ads.


And as the years go by, we believe that influencer marketing will only continue to rise. Hence, here are some of the changes we expect to see before this year ends.


  1. Brands will pay more attention to influencers

By now, brands are now impressed on how influencers make an impact to the consumers and their decisions. They will get help from top bloggers to blog about them, attend and cover their events and have the blogger post about it on Instagram. Brands also pay the bloggers so they can write sponsored posts and feature their products to engage the consumers and potentially help increase their sales.


  1. Authenticity will come in

It’s not just about celebrities and popular personalities, consumers today are also interested with the ordinary people’s perception, of the same consumers as they are. Brands will also target promising bloggers who do not only have a great number of followers but also have a pronounced number of consisted readers. Which leads us to point number three…


  1. Brands will be more selective in choosing bloggers

Especially those brands that are on a tight budget, but are still willing to collaborate with a blogger. A lot of brands have used the same popular blogger already. Brands are starting to be more open to selecting alternative set of influencers. It will not be just about the quantity of followers but the quality of readers.


  1. Storytelling is the key

Hard selling is now out of the picture, bloggers are now going for a more discreet way of marketing by storytelling. Instead of doing a hard sell post of a brand, bloggers now attach the brand to their everyday lives making it more relatable to the readers and consumers.


To sum it up, these points only prove the importance of influencer marketing for the efficiency of the marketing plans and ultimately the success of the brands. Know more about blogger advertising and influencer marketing only here at IRIS247.