What’s New in Blogging?

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Over the past years, blogging has made its name in the world of marketing and business that it became an industry unto itself. With most of brands and companies nowadays relying on the top bloggers, blogger management and talent management agencies, there is no doubt that to be a successful online influencer you must be adaptive and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of online community.

Here’s a glimpse in today’s blogging trends in Asia Pacific region, specifically Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China,. Read on and find out what things you must consider to be a more competent and successful blogger.

  1. Mobile-friendly Blogs

Nowadays almost 50% people or more checks social media channels or blogs in their tablets or phones. And because of the drastic increase of smartphone ownership, almost all bloggers today have already made their blogs mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive for their readers’ convenience. Make your blog mobile-responsive now and keep your audience in the long run.

  1. Minimalist Blog Design

Followers and readers care more about the content of a blog, and so the blogger community is making their blogs’ free from clutter and unnecessary graphics or pop-ups, making it more appealing to the audience and even brands. Give your blog a revamp and attract more readers as it can also boost your professionalism and sincerity as a blogger.

  1. Story-telling

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this still rings true in today’s blogging trends. Followers and readers are more receptive and responsive to appealing visuals – may it be of fashion, food, places, and etc. Keep your audience interested and spend more time in creating stunning images and videos. Be consistent with fonts that you are using in your images and create a consistent “feel” for all your images.

  1. Blogging gets Personal

Aside from knowing more about a product that online influencers’ are featuring, followers and readers now are getting more interested to the bloggers. They want to learn more about the bloggers, to be updated with what the bloggers are doing, what new places they hang out at, and what new restaurants they recently tried, and etc. Popular bloggers with big and loyal following become instant celebrities! These readers look up to the bloggers that they can identify and relate with the most. So bring out your personality and let your audience know who you are. They will appreciate the genuineness and keep on coming back to your blog – this gains you loyal and consistent readers.

  1. Blogger Campaign

Blogger campaign is now being considered as one of the most effecting marketing strategy as more brands, advertisers and marketers are hiring online influencers for in-person events, blog features or reviews. And as a blogger, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your network not just to constant and potential readers but also to other brands.

  1. The Rise of Blogger Management and Talent Management Agency

As online influencers increase, the birth of blogger management also surfaces, especially in Singapore. Bloggers now are joining reliable blogger management and talent management agencies to maximize their potential in getting hired by big brands and advertisers.


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