Up and running, what’s next for the influencer marketing?

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Brand voice is important, so is advertisement exposure to get the message across to mass audiences, but it is also the truth that many consumers are tired of ads they see every day. With numerous ad block software available at ease, how can you make sure that your contents are successfully delivered? This is where Influencer Marketing comes in.

why influencer marketing?


Why influencer marketing?

As their title suggest, social media influencers are the influential voice on the social media. They have their own network of fans and followers who look forward to hearing their input on certain topics.  What’s unique about influencer marketing is that audiences are thus more receptive towards the contexts delivered from influencers, while it may not be the case for ads.  Influencers and bloggers are different from brand voice, because they are very relatable to majority of the audiences.

Blog Advertising, what’s in the box?

Blog advertising executed by influencers are not just product and service reviews like advocate marketing, but it can cover wide genre of topics such as event coverage, product and service sampling.  What is in the focus here is it’s not just a review, but it delivers their own experiences to the audiences.

How does blogger marketing work?

Social media influencers are active on various social network platforms including blogs, and this is where a brand can collaborate through blog advertising.  Whilst it is an advertisement content, the aim is to deliver the blog advertorial as their organic content, the sincerity of the influencers tone will create a genuine message that appeals to the audiences.

Blogger Management

Among hundreds of top bloggers in Singapore, how can you identify the one that suit your campaign? Upon launching blog advertising, it is important to focus on talent management. Just because bloggers have a giant amount of followers does not guarantee that your content would fly.  Make sure you know their topic of interests and contents thoroughly, and understand their forte to see which influencers are most suitable for your campaign.  Blogger management website like IRIS 247 offers good insight and overview of available top bloggers in your market. Do you have an upcoming influencer marketing campaign for your brand? Let us help you determine which social media influencers fit your brand and how these top bloggers can help amplify your brand’s message! Drop us a message herewe’d love to help you out!