Traits That We Need From Influencers

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Trust is one of the key points in sales these days. To encourage sales and raise awareness of your brand, you need to gain customer trust. Due to an intense competition in the market, consumer tends to get confused on deciding the brand. According to Stackla, consumers find influencers’ content to be more authentic than the generated content by brands themselves. Study shows that more than half of millennials are influenced by social media before making the final call.

With the attitude of helping people instead of selling to people, influencers tend to write sincere reviews and posts on the product that they’ve tried or used before. To gain consumer’s trust, many brands use this strategy and method.

As the digital landscape is evolving, being one of the strongest key opinion leaders these days, the number of social media influencers keep on growing. Google Trend’s chart shows that the interest kept on growing since 2017.

One of the essential steps in this online marketing strategy is to identify the most suitable and relevant key opinion leader for your brand and digital marketing. You might need to check on their criteria and traits regarding the most suitable personality to represent your brand and ultimately, achieve your campaign’s goals.

  1. Authenticity

    It is very significant for the influencers to truly believe in your brand like how their followers believe in them. However, influencers who have a bigger ratio of sponsored content tend to be less trusted and authentic. Personal stories that include the genuineness by using, compelling and engaging stories based on their real experiences.

  2. Relevancy

    Another important trait of a key opinion leader for your brand’s digital marketing – relevancy. For the campaign to perform efficiently, it is important to look at the content of the influencers, what kind of customer they are and how it suits your brand’s personality well.

  3. Engagement

    As an indicator of how the influencers interacts with the audiences, higher engagement rate will benefit your brand due to influencers’ followers tend to be interested. However, an influencer with more followers is not necessarily better than the lower one as there’s might be fake followers or not relevant to the brand.

  4. Active

    The key to be remarkable influencers is to keep on and stay fresh in the minds of the consumer, it might vary on the methods they use or the frequency of their posts on social media.

  5. Reach

    To measure reach, traffic and followers are meaningful for your brand’s target audience. It is also significant to consider what social media platform that your consumer preferred to engage with.

  6. Frequency

    When influencers are consistently posting and sharing good quality content on a regular basis, followers are more likely to return and share their content. It often takes multiple exposure to get them interest and get attracted.


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