Keys to finding your perfect top blogger

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As 2016 unfolds, trend for blogger advertising is more on demand which is becoming more as a requirement for successful digital marketing execution. Blog advertising is an effective marketing strategy, because of its delivery of brand message through an individual which makes it more like a word of mouth.  Audiences and potential consumers place trust in what top bloggers have got to say about products and services. There is something personal about the delivery which is from time to time difficult to convey as a brand.  However, when writing a sponsored blog post, whether the social media influencer is experienced top blogger or not, there are things to always keep in mind.


IRIS 247 March 11 2016


Blogger marketing is all about niche


The bottom line of incorporating social media influencer is to deliver the brand message across blog advertorial.  At the same time, bloggers must not forget why in the first place sponsoring brand has approached them, and why there are large number of audiences for themselves to start with.  Top bloggers have to be aware of their niche which comes from their personal interest.  Niche is not necessarily an exclusive thing that blogger has to write about constantly, but it should be the consistent topic across their blogs. While fashion and beauty blog advertorial may seem to dominate marketing that incorporates social media influencers, so long as there are number of bloggers so will there be the same amount of niche.  From business, trading, marketing, traveling, food and more, there are vast number of bloggers who may be a perfect fit for brand’s sponsored blog.


Finding your perfect top blogger


Another reason for brands to incorporate social media influencers for their blogger marketing is to reach out to potential audiences who are following such influencers.  Determining a top blogger who would be a perfect fit for blog advertorial however may not always dependent on number of followers.  Large number of followers is surely attractive criteria, but what really accounts for is how relevant the blogger’s niche and topic are to brand’s product or service.  Just simply because social media influencer is regarded as a top blogger in particular field does not make that blogger a perfect match, especially if the topic to be covered is more of blog’s subcategory niche.  Not only will this diminish the potential reach of brand’s message by alienating the usual audiences, but it also jeopardizes blogger’s reputation as well.  Blogger marketing is to deliver the message, so that it does not look like a big corporate brand talking, but more of an individual who many audiences may find more relatable.  Obvious irrelevancy of blog advertorial may deter audiences’ interest which will not result in successful blogger marketing.


Where to find your perfect blogger marketing partner?


With vast number of bloggers comes with equal amount of choice, so how should you be choosing your perfect blogger, or perfect brand sponsor to work with?  IRIS 247 is a talent management and blogger advertising website where we cater for such needs.  From top bloggers in Singapore to bloggers in unique niche field, our specialist can help you find a perfect blogger and brand to work with.  If you have a campaign coming up and lost in the sea of top bloggers in Singapore, contact us today to help us pick you the perfect match!