Juicify your social media campaign with top bloggers in Singapore

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With its remarkable visual story telling forte, Instagram is a popular platform for many people nowadays.  Especially for millennials and teenagers who are constantly looking for their aspirations and sensitive to the latest trend who put more importance to Instagram compared to other social media platforms.  As a strategy to further enhance the reach of contents, blog advertising is applicable to Instagram campaign as well.  Social media influencers can enhance the conversation between brands and audiences by adding authenticity to the brand’s voice.


Marigold showing how social media influencer marketing is done with the top bloggers in Singapore.


Running a campaign with top bloggers in Singapore: A case for Marigold

Joined by 3 top bloggers in Singapore, Marigold ran a campaign for their Peel Fresh juice last year to promote the product and increase their Instagram fan base.  Featured bloggers are Christabel Chua, a lifestyle and travel blogger, DanielFoodDiary an Instagram food blog, and Jian Hao Tan the top YouTube blogger.  Marigold’s choice of these 3 bloggers have accumulated number of 500,000 total followers which inevitably becomes campaign’s potential reach.


Simple Mechanism

Mechanism of Marigold’s blogger marketing was simple: exposure of Peel Fresh product with each social media influencer, and a wall contest.  Each blogger took a photo and post it on their Instagram page which serves as their content, as well as blog advertorial for their audiences to learn how to participate in the contest.

Marigold showing how social media influencer marketing is done with the top bloggers in Singapore.

Online Influencer Christabel Chua snapped her own #juicefie
to promote Marigold Peel Fresh #juiciefie Instagram contest


Different genre, different audiences, with same campaign as a focus

As we have stressed in our previous post before, it is crucial to select bloggers who can give boost to the campaign, whose niche meets the unique requirement of the brand’s character.  Furthermore, give social media influencers the clear creative direction upon executing blog advertorial.  This will help to ensure that their contents align within the campaign theme whilst still giving them freedom to explore their individual creative approach.


Food blogger Danielfoodiary’s #juicefie still shows his usual
posting style: a short Instagram video clip of his food shots


Create a campaign hashtag

Keep it short and sweet, but original hashtag is something that should be entertained while running an Instagram campaign.  For Marigold campaign, they promoted their blog advertising with #Juicefie.  The original hashtag will make the promotion more discoverable, and it will be helpful in tracking the participants as well.

Marigold showing how social media influencer marketing is done with the top bloggers in Singapore.

One of Singapore’s top bloggers TheJianHaoTan’s #juicefie
for Marigold Peel Fresh #juiciefie Instagram contest


Explore the possibility of cross platform amplification

Marigold showing how social media influencer marketing is done with the top bloggers in Singapore.

By running ads on different platforms, brands will be able to amplify their campaign more efficiently.  Marigold ran campaign ads on Facebook, leading their page fans and more traffic to the Instagram blog advertorials whilst implementing ad with clear indication of their hashtag on Google display network.  As a result, fan numbers increased by 286, with total of 200 entries to the contest.  Higher number of new followers suggest successful blogger advertising, generating genuine interest to the brand rather than just temporary interest only for the contest.

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