Do it like the top bloggers: How to take awesome IG pictures

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With more than 300 million active users, Instagram has definitely changed the way of mobile photography that hooked most of smartphone users. From ordinary people, to celebrities, online influencers, and even top bloggers, Instagram really captured the attention of most people who want to share and connect with their friends and followers through stunning photos and videos.

As tackled from the last article, Instagram can also serve as a tool of blog advertising. Most online influencers and top bloggers have been using this app to keep their readers and followers updated through the use of their flawless photos.

But how do they take those stunning and impeccable photos? Here are some tips on how you can take striking Instagram photos just like how top bloggers do!

  1. Use your regular camera to take photos.

Don’t use the camera in the actual app because it lacks some functions that your smartphone camera has, like the zoom feature and slow motion (for iPhone users). Take a photo from your phone camera, and then just import it from your Instagram app. In this way, you could still freely edit your photo, crop it the way you like it, then add filter.

  1. Composition is important.

Play with composition. Don’t limit yourself with taking symmetrical images, why don’t you try rule of thirds? It’s a classic photography technique that is mostly used by online influencers and top bloggers where you imagine having three evenly broken horizontal and vertical lines in the camera, with the subject focused along those imaginary lines, making a nicely balanced frame. Or if all else fails, just keep it simple. Give your followers and readers a simple photo that has one clear focal point.

  1. Take a lot of photos!

Behind that one flawless Instagram post is a thousand trial snaps. Most top bloggers and online influencers take a lot of photos, from trial shot to see if the lighting is good, to the flawless shot to capture that almost-perfect snap. Play with your photo subject and take a lot of photos. And from that pile of snaps, choose the best one for your Instagram post.

  1. Lens accessory, anyone?

There are photo accessories today that can improve your smartphone snaps. Avail one and wow your readers and followers with your fish-eye photo or wide-lens shot! Make your Instagram photo (or feed) stand among the rest with your unique snaps.

  1. Edit your photo, generously.

By generously, we mean not too much. Don’t make your photo less of what it is by editing the exposure and contrast too much. Just like what most top bloggers do, just balance out the colours, hue and exposure to achieve a flawless Instagram shot. You could also use other editing apps; just make sure not to overdo the editing.

  1. Add a filter!

What most online influencers and famous bloggers do is that they apply the same filter to all of their photos to achieve a flawless and neat Instagram feed. Do it like the top bloggers and choose a filter to use for all of your photos. You can use the filters from the Instagram app, or you can use other filter apps. But remember, don’t overdo it. Keep it as naturally neat as possible just like how top bloggers do.


Instagram is a great way to practice your mobile photography skills, not to mention its beneficial use for blog advertising. Now take out your smartphones and practice these tips!

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