Writing like a top blogger in Singapore

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Talent management and blogger advertising website like IRIS 247 hosts a vast choice for a brand to choose a blogger to engage with their marketing campaign through blog advertorial.  Incorporation of blogger advertising is a rising trend in marketing this year, and it is also considered as a requisite strategy for running an engaging campaign.  Through social media influencers, brands can implement their advertisement message without sounding too commercial, and thus audiences to be more engaging to approachable tone of influencers.



IRIS 247 March 18 2016


Once a brand approaches blogger to implement their blog advertorial, there are few things they need to keep in their mind.  Bloggers are the bridge between brands and their audiences, so what are the best practices of building such bridge?


  1. Do not forget your own voice

First and foremost, blogger should not abandon their personality in the tone of speech.  Top blogger in Singapore and other countries as well, means that they have to speak up their opinion with their own voice.  Angle or topic guidelines may be provided by the advertiser, but blogger is the one who knows how audiences respond to a post. Thus, Keep the familiar, approachable manner of tonality and avoid alienating your readers through a blogger advertising post.


  1. Align the topic with your niche

When a brand has approached you for blogger marketing, and found you as the social media influencer for the campaign, it means they like your niche and audience.  So how can your readers enjoy the brands’ message?  Aside from your consistent tonality, digest the brand’s message for reader, so it can align with your niche and specialty. A blogger marketing should not have to sound like an interrupting TV commercial of your blog.


  1. Be honest and do not oversell

Social media influencer is not the brand, so the blog content should not be about just selling product and services from a brand.  What your readers are looking from your blog is your specialist opinion and comments about the niche.  Review, comment, and keep in mind how your reader can benefit from your informative blog advertorial.  Be honest and do not oversell.


  1. Interact with your readers

What makes social media influencers unique is their approachable stance compared to a brand’s big corporate image. As a top blogger, who leads the conversation of a niche, it is ideal to generate conversation among your readers.  From reader’s personal review and comments, simple question about your opinion, suggestions and so on, there are many contact points where bloggers can reciprocate through their blogger marketing.  Blog advertorial is supposed to be the go to place for niche news.


As blogger marketing featuring top bloggers are becoming more popular, there are abundant choice of bloggers who await for collaboration opportunities.  At IRIS 247, from choosing right bloggers for brands, to determining right brand to write for, we can help you make a perfect match.  If there’s a campaign that requires blog advertorials, or you are happened to be looking for collaboration with brands, feel free to contact us today!