Managing crisis with top bloggers

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Blog advertising incorporating social media influencer is one of the effective way to deliver your brand’s message and contents to wide audiences, and also to enlarge the pool of potential reach.  Talent management and blogger advertising website like IRIS 247 features number of top bloggers in Singapore, ranging from semi-pro photographer, foodies, avid travellers to fashion bloggers.  The greater the number of bloggers out there the more niche and topic you can pick to feature in your unique blogger marketing. However, bigger the audience and larger the reach mean that receptivity of audiences would be spontaneous, and occasionally the blog advertising could backlash with negative responses.  As seen in the recent case of actress Rebecca Lim, whom we can consider as one of the top bloggers or influencers in Singapore considering her huge following, such occasion may be unpredictable, but there are few steps in influencer marketing or blog advertising you can take to avoid such incident.


IRIS 247 March 2016

Choice of words and phrases for social media influencers

The success of blog is not only accounted for the post’s reach, but also by audiences’ reaction.  In this incident which highlights the unforeseen responses incorporating a top blogger, Rebecca Lim’s Instagram post caused an uproar of negative responses from her fans and public, especially after the phrase she used in her post misled them to believe she was retiring from her career.  In response to this backlash, Rebecca Lim and NTUC Income apologized for causing the misunderstanding.  Despite the short length of the phrase, or even a word, it still suffices to cost the reputation in the face of public and audiences.


Golden rule for top bloggers and blog advertorial

When incorporating blogger advertising strategy for a marketing campaign, what we can learn from this incident is to ensure that the message delivered across blog advertorial is absolutely clear.  Before implementing a marketing campaign with top bloggers, brand has to ensure that their objective of the campaign, and how such objective to be delivered, are thoroughly understood by the bloggers.  As for social media influencer and bloggers, there is no better way than to ask questions to the brand themselves if anything is unclear.  Assumption is dangerous and may put both their reputations at stake.


Blogger marketing check list

  1. Clear and concise ~ use simple words and do not go too much into technical terms. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and sweet enough to engage and catch the interest of your readers.
  2. Useful information ~ you would want your blog advertorial to be informative so readers and audience find it useful, and worth reading.
  3. Do not assume, just ask ~ when in doubt of contents or objective which can apply to both marketers and social media influencers, make sure the issue is addressed and clarified before it is published.


The importance of implementing blogger marketing with top blogger in Singapore is to make sure that social media influencer’s niche meets the brand’s unique message, and that context will reach wider audiences.  Such delivery has to be done right with clarity of objective and contents.  At talent management and blogger advertising website like IRIS 247, we have numbers of top bloggers who would meet your unique marketing needs. Contact us today to explore the possibility of your next blogger marketing strategy!