The measurement of Influencer Marketing

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When it comes to influencer marketing, numbers seems always promising, such as number of fans and followers. Blogger advertising is effective, because it allows brands to reach out to social media influencer’s audiences. If the brand is incorporating the top bloggers, the big audiences are almost guaranteed but does it go any further beyond the reach?
If you are incorporating blog advertising, result should not just be numbers but also how much engagement has the blog advertorial generated.



IRIS 247 influencer marketing February 2016

Deliver contents to the door, and get them to share and talking!

Successful influencer marketing should not only be successful reach, it is supposed to influence people to gain interest on the topic and start a conversation. One way is to check the number of shares of the content. Number of share will suggest that audiences found the contents interesting enough to share with their peers. Such influence is something brand should aim for when incorporating influencer marketing, further reach via word of mouth among audiences.


Comments as conversation starter in blogger marketing

One of the reasons why the blogger marketing is successful in reaching wider audiences is because of brand’s voice mediated by bloggers. Brands can have a corporate image and impression to the consumers, and may not necessarily come across as approachable, but by incorporating bloggers as a spokesperson, brands can express their message more casually and naturally. Along with number of shares, comment is also an important indicator of successful delivery with engagement for blog advertorial. Shall it be a feedback or inquiry, it should be entertained and responded. Blogger should engage in conversations with audiences; not only it will be good for them to demonstrate their responsiveness, but will also create positive rapport for the brand as well.


What’s beyond the content reach?

For influencer marketing, generating engagement means generating positive conversations. Such engagement can also be tracked with returns a brand gets after the blog advertorial; number of inquiries, number of sales, and increase in social media engagement by audiences, are some of the key factors that indicates the overall performance. Number of Likes, shares and comments, are important but it is crucial to see how far the influencer marketing has gone with the campaign.


There are many factors that determine the successful engagement of influencer marketing. Each blogger has their own niche and forte, not to mention the most optimum social network service for their contents. IRIS 247 is a talent management and blogger advertising website that features number of top bloggers in Singapore. Consult us with your campaign and concerns here, we will be happy to help you to launch a successful conversation with your potential audiences.