Sugar & Spice’s Regional Blogger Engagement in Korea

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We recently published an article about our Thailand leg for our Sugar and Spice’s regional blogger engagement campaign. Thai food bloggers attended the THAIFEX: World Food Asia 2016 and visited their booth to try their best selling products. They also featured the event live on their blogs. Just recently, top bloggers from Korea have visited their shops in Taiwan and savoured some of their best-selling treats.


Social media influencers from Korea went to Sugar and Spice outlets in Taiwan and savoured their tasty products as part of the regional blogger campaign of the brand. Tagged as Taiwan’s must-have souvenir, the products were recommended by bloggers to try as snack or as a souvenir to give to friends or loved ones. With its pretty packaging and taste, it is considered a must have shopping item when you visit Taiwan.

Regional blogger engagement’s blogger outreach for sugar and spice’s influencer marketing campaign

Check out pretty blogger Stasis holding the equally pretty packaging of Sugar and Spice!

Aside from the top bloggers’ product review, they have also gushed about the accessibility of Sugar and Spice outlets in Taiwan. Their posts shared on Naver even showed maps and photos of different store fronts and products in different Sugar and Spice branches. Naver is a popular Korean web portal which has a blog platform that allows users to publish posts with photos or share location information.

Regional blogger engagement’s blogger outreach for sugar and spice’s influencer marketing campaign

Sugar and Spice store front and map as posted on the bloggers’ Naver.

These social media influencers have shared a good amount of insights and information about the brand. Plus the attractive photos they have shared were just enough to tempt anyone to try Sugar and Spice’s sweet and tasty products. With this, the Korean leg of regional blogger engagement campaign for Sugar and Spice has ended.

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