Successful event coverage with influencer marketing

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IRIS 247 Dec 2015 liveblogging influencers


Organizing brand event can be popular for audiences to experience the actual product and services on the spot, and learn interactively with personal communication with brands. Post mortem publications on social media and official websites are important to tell loyal customers and new audiences what your brand is up to, but the actual feel of the event may be more challenging to convey.

How does Influencer marketing help your brand events?

When you incorporate strategy of influencer marketing to your brand events, the advantages are not the possibility of reaching influencer’s extended audiences, but you will be able to translate the event’s atmosphere.

How does liveblogging work?

Blogger event coverage works by bloggers and influencers attending the designated event and writing about it.  Since publications by bloggers are organically derived from their own experience, contents come across to their followers and audiences as more relatable. Such organic contents production is the asset of influencer marketing that should not be undermined.

Event coverage and blogger marketing

One thing you notice when you visit blogger advertising website like iRIS247 is that many bloggers run multiple social media platforms.  Therefore, when it comes to blog advertising, choice of influencer should be made not only of their interest which align with your brand, but suitability of their social media for brand’s event occasion.

Successful live cast of event with blogger advertising

Having bloggers and social media influencers to write about your event is one thing, but power of liveblogging must not be overlooked.  Influencer marketing is mostly executed on their social network accounts.  Some social networks such as Instagram and Twitter’s forte is the live update where influencers can immediately share the event with followers as events unfold.  Through their live blog, photo, short video clip and posts will be shared with wider audiences from the perspective of an event participant rather than the organizer which public are more receptive to.

Choosing the right blogger for your event

Influencer marketing is about making the right choice among many bloggers with various social media networks; who is the most suitable blogger to do a liveblog coverage the event? IRIS247 is a talent management and blogger advertising website that offers insight of top bloggers in Singapore with their list of social media and topics of interest. Let us help you narrow down the core criteria of bloggers and influencers for a successful event coverage as part of your brand’s influencer marketing campaign. Feel free to consult with friendly sales representative from IRIS247 here!