Singapore Instagram Influencer Eugena Bey for #LANEIGEMeetsFashion

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Since 2013, LANEIGE has been collaborating with fashion designers to create a range of limited edition beauty products, under its LANEIGE Meets Fashion project. This year, the brand teamed up with Lucky Chouette to design yet another vibrant line of cosmetics.


Beauty Meets Fashion: Laniege X Lucky Chouette

To promote the launch of the brand’s new range of products, LANEIGE Singapore amped up their influencer campaign by producing a #GetReadyWithMe pre-weekend skincare and makeup routine video, featuring Singapore Instagram influencer, Eugena Bey

A renowned Singapore Instagram influencer, Eugena Bey gained popularity through her unique eye for style and her stunning photographs. With over 28,000 followers on Instagram, she was the chosen social media influencer for LANEIGE’s influencer marketing campaign.


Singapore Instagram Influencer Eugena Bey in #GetReadyWithMe Video tutorial for #LANEIGEMeetsFashion Campaign.

Singapore Instagram Influencer Eugena Bay, fresh-faced and makeup free at the shoot of #GetReadyWithMe video tutorial for LANEIGE Singapore


As part of LANEIGE Singapore’s  marketing strategy, the brand created a #GetReadyWithMe skincare and makeup tutorial video alongside Singapore Instagram influencer Eugena Bey to showcase the #LANEIGEXLuckyChouette product line.  The clip features the new #LANEIGEXLuckyChouette BB Cushion collection and other products like the All-day Anti-Pollution Defensor, Water Bank range, Pure Radiant Shadow and Blush Edge Drawing Eyeliner. Check out her skincare and beauty routine and watch the video below.



LANEIGE Singapore’s #GetReadyWithMe video tutorial proved to be a very engaging content for the brand. With thousands of views on Facebook, it shows how combining the appeal of a creatively executed video and the online influence of a blogger can do wonders for content marketing. With the right concept and a fitting social media influencer to represent your brand, it can make for a very engaging and competitive content marketing strategy.


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