Online Influencers: Roles in a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Influencer marketing has been undoubtedly one of the new and highly effective ways of social media marketing strategy. Most modern marketers, brands and advertisers have been tapping online influencers for their effective, innovative, and most social way of communication with consumers, who seem to rely and trust these online influencers before buying a brand or a product.

Online influencers have the capacity to power up a social media marketing strategy through various ways to reach a greater audience. And this has definitely helped most brands to communicate their message, to achieve high number of sales and to increase their popularity amongst consumers.

But what are exactly these roles that online influencers play in a blogger campaign or in a social media marketing strategy? If you are an online influencer who is willing to dive into influencer marketing and who wants to collaborate with brands, here are the roles you should know and be aware of to achieve a successful social media marketing strategy for you as a blogger and for the brand you will be working for.

  1. You are an inspiration

As an online influencer, a famous or top blogger, your followers and readers will look up to you, and so as brands. Learn to grasp all the factors that surround and affect the target audience, and from this generate a more creative attack into your content. Get to know what type of content works best for your readers. Brands may consider you as a potential inspiration and influencer to the brand’s target market that can help achieve success to their social media marketing strategy.

  1. You are the collaborator

Aside from the blogger management agency that you work with, if you have any, you are the bridge and collaborator of message between brands and consumers. Speak up if you want to suggest something to the brand that you work for, or ask your readers and followers if you want their opinion. Speak up and be heard because you are the key to an effective communication between brands and consumers. You are the bridge, and so make your foundation strong with an accurate and effective communication to both parties.

  1. You are the speaker

As an online influencer, you are the speaker, spreading the brand message. Brands will tap you because they believe that you have the capacity to extend their message to a greater audience, effectively and accurately. Speak not only of the brand or product, but incorporate how this certain product is part of your lifestyle so that the audience will appreciate the authenticity of your sponsored posts. Keep in mind that online readers can question and comment on your posts and will appreciate if you will blog about a product because you actually are using it or that you believe in it and not just because it is a sponsored post.

  1. You get to be an online brand ambassador

When brands reach out to you talk about the product through your social media accounts, you now serve as an online brand ambassador. You get to represent the brand, just like how official celebrity brand endorsers or top bloggers do. Be sure that you resemble a positive online influencer attitude that is both credible and reliable through how you represent yourself as an online influencer in the social media environment..

  1. You are also a critic

Just because you are an online influencer doesn’t mean that you can’t weigh the positive and negative. Praise if you have to praise, critic if you have to critic. Brands will appreciate your voice and will recognize that you do put value into the brand and the whole social media marketing strategy. Remember that you are not only representing a brand or a product, but you are also revealing yourself as an online influencer. Make sure that you characterize yourself as a credible and honest blogger. Also in this way, your readers and followers will appreciate you as they perceive that you are one with them, that you are also a consumer.


Once you master these roles just like how famous bloggers do, you will build a strong and established relationship with brands – that can give benefit to both the brand and yourself in achieving positive engagement and brand recall among target audience.

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