Sugar & Spice’s Regional Blogger Campaign in Singapore

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There are roughly 2.34 billion active social media users in the world, hundreds of social media platforms and thousands of brands with strong online presence. Given the facts, grabbing attention online can be a challenge for your brand. If you want to effectively spread your brand message across a wider audience through blogger marketing, then you might want to read the rest of the article.


Sharing content on different online platforms: A case for Sugar & Spice


No one can deny that choosing the perfect social media platform and the right social media influencer to represent your brand is the key part of an online influencer campaign. There are certain advantages of sharing content across different social media platforms. And here’s how Sugar & Spice used it to boost their digital marketing campaign.


  • Wider audience reach

For Sugar & Spice’s recent regional blogger campaign in Singapore, famous food bloggers shared their product review and feature on both Facebook and Instagram, making it available to a larger number of active social media users. With different features that cater different user demographics on both platforms, Sugar & Spice was able to communicate their message to a wider market.


Time for some sweet treats this afternoon. Enjoying these popular Pineapple Cheese Cake from SUGAR & SPICE 糖村 @sugarspicetw in Taiwan. Nope, I didn’t need to fly to Taiwan. SUGAR & SPICE now sells their delightful souvenirs via their website so no need to trouble any friends to carry these goodies back for you. My favourite is their French nougat and my mum loved these Cheese Pineapple Tarts. Their signature nougats also come in toffee and strawberry flavours too. SUGAR & SPICE website: If you are visiting Taiwan, you can drop by any of their stores conveniently located in Taipei 101, Ximending, Dunhua & Taichung. #sugarspice #taiwan #taiwantravel #taiwanmustbuy #pineapplecake #cheesepineapplecake #omiyage #台灣 #糖村 #鳳梨酥 #甜點

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Cute and sweet just as what you’d expect from Singapore food blogger littlemissbento


Littlemissbento spreading sweetness as she shares her blogpost about Sugar & Spice on Facebook


  • Easy access generates page traffic

Being able to stumble across a link while scrolling through Facebook can encourage users to read a content especially if it’s engaging. Similar to the way the social media influencers for Sugar & Spice’s regional engagement campaign shared their blog posts. By sharing it on other social media platforms, their followers were given a much convenient means to view what they posted. Since it’s accessible and simple, it provided them an opportunity to check out Sugar & Spice’s branded content and helped generate page traffic for the blog post.


Singapore food blogger Fundamentally_flawed’s subtle yet sweet post about Sugar & Spice.


Create hashtags to identify your brand message

Over time hashtag has become a prominent part of digital marketing. A lot of brands have succeeded in using it as a tool to campaign their message online. Like the previously mentioned regional blogger campaign of Sugar & Spice in Singapore, where three social media influencers chosen by the brand, used hashtags like #SugarSpice, #Nougat, #Taiwan and other related keywords on their posts. Shared on their Instagram, the hashtags made it simpler for their followers to know the brand message and it also provided them an easier way to browse through related topics about the campaign.


Have you tried these delicious treats from Taiwan before? I happen to chance upon these #SugarAndSpice products during my last visit to Taiwan. So happy that I get to enjoy them again today! ——————————————————– These are not your typical nougat and pineapple cakes. They are made with the finest ingredients sourced with no preservatives. Those milky nougats has the perfect chewy bite and I can’t stop at one! It comes with either strawberry and toasted almond chunks flavour. ——————————————————– I REALLY like the Strawberry nougat! Slight tangy from the real fruit and gives an interestingly pleasing texture contrast. If you prefer the traditional milky type with a nutty crunch, French nougat will be it. Those Cheese Pineapple cakes wowed me too! Buttery light pastry encasing tangy sweet pineapple filling with a hint of cheesy finish. Not overly sweet and comes individually packed too to keep them fresh. ——————————————————– Can’t wait to get more of these treats to gift my friends and family when I return to Taiwan next month😉 The packaging are so appropriate for gifting too. #sugarspice #taiwan#taiwantravel #taiwanmustbuy #nougat #pineapplecake Interested buyers that will be heading to Taiwan, can find them at these store locations! ——————————————————- SUGAR SPICE Flagship Store No.357, Sec. 3, Wenxin Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL: 04-2293 5558 2) Taipei Ximending shop No.32, Baoqing Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan, (R.O.C.) TEL: 02-23810668 3) Dunhua S. Store No.158, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL: 02-27522188 ——————————————————- You can even order them online at They can make deliveries to HK, Macau, Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, and Malaysia. Don’t miss out! Happy shopping! A photo posted by Honey Bee 🐝 ( on

All natural and sweet just like Singapore food blogger


Singapore food blogger fundamentally_flawed wrapped-up on tasting Sugar & Spice’s yummy nougat


Like the case of Sugar & Spice’s regional blogger campaign, a well-thought-out content and the right use of hashtags can make your brand stand out. It also gives you access to consumer insights and feedbacks that can aid in improving your over-all brand image. Along with using a great marketing strategy and creating relevant content, hashtags can make your campaign trend online. Through this, your brand message can reach a larger audience and give them a lasting impression about your brand.

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