Choosing the right Social Media Influencers for your influencer marketing.

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Covering wide genre of services and products, top bloggers in Singapore are in demand by the market for their ability to execute the campaign effectively and organically.  From blog to Instagram influencer marketing, the choice of social media influencers are abundant for brands to choose and engage.  Among these social media influencers are power middle influencers, and they are gaining more attention for blogger marketing.

Hidden gems of influencer marketing

Social Media Influencers for your influencer marketing.


Power middle influencers, or mid-tier influencers, are social media influencers with follower number of between 10,000 ~ 250,000.  They actively engage with audiences through original contents on wide variety of topic, niche, or anything of their interests.

Given top tier bloggers boasts millions of followers and fans, these power middle influencers may appear inferior in terms of their online presence, so how can they be of an asset to a brand’s marketing campaign?

Benefit of power middle influencers

Social Media Influencers for your influencer marketing.


Unlike celebrities who tend to be figures people look up to, social media influencers are more relatable just like friends and family.  Thus, even though power middle influencers may not have a large number of reach, they can engage audience through more intimate and personal community, as they are seen as trusted friends and peers.

Another important factor about power middle influencers are the quality of audiences.  People follow these bloggers because they want to, unlike celebrities who may attract audiences with mere popularity.  Such fundamental difference in follower intent accounts for their successful engagement which is said to be 16 x higher compared to paid media and owned alternatives.

Lastly, power middle influencers come with substantial number of audiences, yet their incorporation may come less costly compared to the top tier bloggers and celebrities.  In other words, brands will be able to incorporate several power middle influencers for a single influencer marketing campaign, allowing them to widen their reach from various angles, and on various social media such as Instagram marketing.

Campaign amplification with power middle influencers

Social Media Influencers for your influencer marketing.


Just like any other influencer marketing, brands cannot expect successful campaign execution and drive engagement.  These are some of keys to note when engaging a social media influencers:

  1. Do a thorough research; how well do these power middle influencers match your campaign?
  2. What is their style of contents, copies, and how often and well do they engage with their audiences?
  3. Give them clear instructions. Not only will these align their content creation along your marketing campaign protocol, but this will also allow influencers to explore their creativity within the given context.

Whilst the task of choosing your social media influencers may look straight forward, thorough research needs to be put in order to pick the perfect match.  IRIS 247 is a blogger management platform that boasts hundreds of social media influencers from South East Asia and regions, with a significant range of genre, niche and audience sizes.  Contact our influencer marketing specialist today to discuss the possibility of boosting your marketing campaign with genuine audience engagements.