What’s Next for Influencer Marketing?

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Influencer Marketing.

As influencer marketing develops over time and as more and more brands give their trust and money to bloggers and talents, influencer marketing has become one essential component of any digital marketing strategy. Almost all of the brands today have their own social media account – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now they’re paving way to a more diverse strategy concerning not only popular bloggers but also the promising bloggers with huge number of followers and consistent readers.


Although the main social media platforms are promising great engagement, more consumers nowadays consider reviews, insights and first-hand experiences from co-consumers. From blogs and videos, consumers seem to contemplate more on these marketing strategies than the usual ads.


And as the years go by, we believe that influencer marketing will only continue to rise. Hence, here are some of the changes we expect to see before this year ends.


  1. Brands will pay more attention to influencers

By now, brands are now impressed on how influencers make an impact to the consumers and their decisions. They will get help from top bloggers to blog about them, attend and cover their events and have the blogger post about it on Instagram. Brands also pay the bloggers so they can write sponsored posts and feature their products to engage the consumers and potentially help increase their sales.


  1. Authenticity will come in

It’s not just about celebrities and popular personalities, consumers today are also interested with the ordinary people’s perception, of the same consumers as they are. Brands will also target promising bloggers who do not only have a great number of followers but also have a pronounced number of consisted readers. Which leads us to point number three…


  1. Brands will be more selective in choosing bloggers

Especially those brands that are on a tight budget, but are still willing to collaborate with a blogger. A lot of brands have used the same popular blogger already. Brands are starting to be more open to selecting alternative set of influencers. It will not be just about the quantity of followers but the quality of readers.


  1. Storytelling is the key

Hard selling is now out of the picture, bloggers are now going for a more discreet way of marketing by storytelling. Instead of doing a hard sell post of a brand, bloggers now attach the brand to their everyday lives making it more relatable to the readers and consumers.


To sum it up, these points only prove the importance of influencer marketing for the efficiency of the marketing plans and ultimately the success of the brands. Know more about blogger advertising and influencer marketing only here at IRIS247.

Influencer Marketing: A Blogger’s Community

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Blogger Comunity

Over the past few years, marketing has drastically emerged from traditional like television commercials and billboards, to online like social media marketing and search engine optimization. And from social media marketing and SEO comes the birth of influencer marketing.

As consumers are now more sensible buyers, and because they now have the power to check a certain brand before buying, they are now turning their heads towards influencers, most commonly known as bloggers. Why? Because consumers want first-hand insights.


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that involves bloggers to target a wide range of market. Brands, advertisers and marketers nowadays hire a blogger to write about them, knowing that this blogger is credible and has a vast number of followers and consistent readers. Essentially, any person who is consolidating immense and consistent followers is a potential influencer – from bloggers, personalities, and/or talents.


What is next for Bloggers?

Consumers nowadays expect something more from brands, they want creativity and first hand thoughts, not just mere idealistic traditional commercials from the past. That is why influencer marketing, bloggers, can also be considered as the next big thing in marketing and advertising. Many brands and marketers are now increasing their social media spends through the years, tapping famous bloggers and personalities to collaborate with – because they know that these people have already made a name in the industry, that they already followed and admired, and that they are already credible.


That’s why we’re here!

We, IRIS247, are here to to find both established and new breed of bloggers and talents who have unique and effective voices to tell brand stories and reach out a wider target market.

As a blogger community and talent management agency, we aim to get as much talents as we can – from bloggers, influencers, to emcees, models, actors, and etc. to cater the marketing needs of our clients and achieve success for the brands.

The good thing is you get to do this for free! You only need to register, create a profile then bid away. Moreover, you’ll not only get to share your talents, you will also be exposed to different brands across many categories which will build and grow your career.


Register now to know more about how you can use your voice and talents in supporting the brands you believe in and potentially influence a wider market!

A talent agency connecting independent Bloggers and Freelancers to Brands

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iris 247


We are your new talent agency

Basically, that’s the easiest way to describe us. We focus on blogger and social media influencer marketing and talent management for our client’s marketing campaigns.

IRIS 247 is a community for independent Bloggers and Freelancers, that aims to get as much talents (social media influencers or bloggers and other kinds of talents — emcee, models, actors, and etc.) and offer their services to the Clients depending on their campaign needs.

We know that Clients have different ranges of budget and we always want to accommodate their needs. After doing this for some time, we realize we need to be more flexible and not be tied up with the usual preferences. We want to offer our dear Clients the same great quality that other talents provide without costing an arm and a leg. More importantly, we want to discover new talents and freelancers who are as passionate and dedicated to their craft and aspire to be recognized by the decision makers of well-known brands.

You get to do this for free!

You only need to register, create your profile, and watch out for our job listing! You get to share your talents and services and you will be exposed to various established brands across many categories such as Gadgets and Technology, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Property, Finance & Investment, Sports, and Health & Fitness.

Just make sure to complete the necessary information so we can present these to the Clients for their review. We will serve as the liaison to coordinate with you and the Clients and we will be there with you every step of the way from briefing to completion of deliverables.

Now, what are you waiting for? Register now!

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