Marketing with Instagram’s new features for Instagram influencers.

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Since Instagram has long established itself as a top visual social media, it has gone through several updates on its signature features including flexible image shapes.  The recent update includes account switch which makes it easier for those who juggle several accounts to navigate easier, and enhanced video functionality on Instagram.  Whether you are representing a brand, or an individual Instagram influencer, it is crucial to understand these updates and use them for any kind of influencer marketing campaign.

How to navigate through new Instagram algorithm

New features for instagram influencers

Make sure your Instagram influencer marketing is quality driven

Couple of month ago, Instagram introduced an update for their algorithm where user’s feeds are shown no longer in chronological order, but in an order that caters to each and individual users’ interests.  It was also based on their finding that 70% of feeds are missed and most users only get to see 30% of the feed available to them every day. As Instagram influencer and brand, content reach has been important, but now with this new algorithm, the emphasis has been put much more on the quality of the content over the quantity.  Here are some key factors to retain good engagement with your followers:

  1. Quality: Aesthetic, creativity, its idea behind, etc. Ask yourself a question whether your image is worth sharing and relatable for your followers.
  2. Know your followers: Top bloggers should naturally come with top engagement. Create a good rapport with your account followers, always look out for what kind of contents and messages they are more responsive with.
  3. Hashtag: As a social media influencer, hashtag is something that is inseparable from your content publication.  Check out what’s trending, or create a hashtag your followers can use and bring your campaign’s specific community together.

Enhanced video experience on Instagram

New features for instagram influencers

Instagram’s new video functionality widens options for much more variety of contents

Video is one of the most talked about and focused media in social media marketing this year.  Instagram’s new feature on video now allows users to upload videos that are up to 1 minute each. Although Instagram is originally a platform to share a photo, take a look at how other online influencers are using video features on their Instagram account and try to see what can work for your Instagram marketing:

  1. Optimal video length: Maximum length is 1 minute, but video does not have to be 1 minute.  Try publishing several videos in different length and see what would be the optimal video length for your content and followers.
  2. Call to Action from your video: It is also relatively a new feature, but add an appropriate call to action button for your video can drive more engagement.
  3. Appropriation: Consider topic, theme, campaign, audience, etc. 1 minute is substantial amount of duration for engagement, be flexible depending on contents for the optimal Instagram influencer marketing

Whether it’s a new algorithm or new video length, the focus for any Instagram influencer marketing is put on contents quality. When you are going to engage with online influencers, you would need to make sure that that social media influencer is the perfect match for your campaign.  IRIS 247 is a talent management and blogger advertising website that has hundreds of top bloggers and Instagram influencers listed.  Contact us today to find a perfect influencer for you Instagram marketing to execute with top level content!