Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger for Abbott Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Abbott has always been in the pursuit of making life better for people, creating new innovative products to improve the health and well-being of the consumers. As people are generally having a lower fiber intake, Abbott is pushing its latest SURBEX Nutri-Fiber to help consumers increase their daily fiber intake. SURBEX Nutri-Fiber is specially formulated to absorb more water that ease defecation and prevent constipation.


As part of their marketing strategy, Abbott started an influencer marketing campaign to drive online awareness. With the help of IRIS247, Malaysian lifestyle bloggers, Linora Low and Kelly Chin, were engaged for its latest influencer marketing campaign. Both instagram influencers did blogger reviews on SURBEX Nutri-Fiber and promoted the products via the social media postings on their Instagram accounts and their personal blogs.

Lifestyle Blogger: Linora Low

Here’s a simple recipe to get more fiber in your diet. I shared my Berry-healthilicious recipe smoothie during the Surbex Nutri-Fibre. Super easy to make, yummy, and packed with essential nutrients for your body. Ingredients 1⁄2 cup of water / almond milk Frozen Blueberries Frozen Strawberries 1 sachet of Surbex Nutri-Fiber Blend together and enjoy this smoothie. Don’t worry that Surbex Nutri Fiber is neutral in taste, dissolves easily so there’s no extra clumps when you mix it with this smoothie or any drink for that matter. You can also use it for baking too. This will help in your bowel movement and won’t cause any cramping or abdominal pain. Take care of your gut health fit fam. Want to try? Head over to Abbott ALP website for free sample #freesample #Surbexnutrifiber

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Selecting the Right Lifestyle Blogger for your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Selecting the right online influencers is crucial to the social influencer marketing campaign as each lifestyle blogger has their own style and their own distinct set of audience. Their lifestyles and values must also resonate with the brand’s mission and values.

Since Abbott emphasised a great deal on healthy living, it is natural to choose Malaysian bloggers that known to be passionate about healthy living and exercise. This increase the credibility of their reviews about SURBEX Nutri-fiber, influencing their audience to a higher extent and boosting the effectiveness of the blogger marketing campaign.

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