Malaysia Beauty Bloggers for Biore Perfect Cleansing Water

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In a world that seeks instant gratification and convenience, the discovery of Micellar water is a godsend for all the low-maintenance, skin conscious girls out there. Its liquid form with Nano-sized Micelles that absorb sebum and rids face of unwanted oil and dirt makes it perfect for last minute touch-ups and quick make-up removals. With its tested efficacy, ease-of-use and rising popularity, Biore recently released a new and improved version in Malaysia, the Perfect Cleansing Water Line formulated with Japan Smooth Bright Technology.

To promote the release of Biore Malaysia’s latest product online, they launched an influencer marketing campaign. The campaign aims to showcase and review the two variants of their Perfect Cleansing Water line. The brand teamed up with Malaysia beauty bloggers Emily Quak , Sunshine Kelly,  Shea Rasol,  Chanwon Tan, Yuyu Zulaikha & Stephanie Lim to kick start their regional influencer campaign.


Malaysia beauty bloggers, Chanwon Tan, Sunshine Kelly, Emily Quak, Stephanie Lim, Shea Rasol and Yuyu Zulaikha shared the wonders of Perfect Cleansing Water Soften Up and Perfect Cleansing Water Oil Clear on their blogs and social media platforms. From the product packaging down to its application, these Malaysia beauty bloggers did a great job of featuring the Perfect Cleansing Water Line. Complete with before and after demos and product recommendations, enough to convince readers to try it out.


With their product review and mirrored Instagram and Facebook posts, these Malaysia beauty bloggers were able to pique interest and tap a wider range of followers online. Plus with the increasing demand for Micellar water, the campaign is set to reach more potential market on social media.

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