The keys to creative review in influencer marketing

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Image Jan 2016


For brands and companies, incorporating influencer marketing is to bridge and strengthen the casual yet sincere communication with audiences. With successful sponsored post comes the higher engagement and publicity for your brand. Top bloggers managed in talent management and blogger advertising website like IRIS 247 are versed with such blog advertorial and blogger marketing, but what makes their sponsored post stands out is their niche. Just like any brands and companies, specialty of the field is what makes these social media influencers stand out from general audiences because of their expertise. Here are some key points for social media influencers on publishing a product review blog:


1. Know the products, know your audiences

Having niche is definitely a must as a social media influencers. It is because of such niche these top bloggers have their followers who seek out for expert’s insight and to know what’s their say on product or brands. When choosing a product or service to review, first and foremost, make sure it aligns with your own interest, niche, and interest of your audiences.


2. Be genuine and informative

As a sponsored post blogger, it is important that you are publishing and sharing contents that are resourceful and valuable to your readers by providing honest reviews. List down your personal thoughts about the product and services first, be honest in your post, and do not oversell. Even if it is a product review blog, it is still a personal blog so don’t forget to include your own voice.


3. Be alert and keep yourself up to date

Blogger advertising is all about sharing insightful review and valuable information with audiences. What is new about the product? How will it benefit your audiences? What do you like about it? Be informative and be the expert the followers seek advice from.


4. Influencer marketing – be in the market

With many top bloggers publishing thousands of contents, it may seem competitive for your product review to stand out. Influencer marketing is about connecting brands to your audiences, so why not connect with peer influencers? Familiarize yourself with your own market and network to share the market trend. By sharing related blog posts and links by other top bloggers, followers will be able to see that you are resourceful.


5. Be open and available to your followers

Whether it is your own blog or social media platform, it is important that you are in charge of your own blogger marketing by branding your own name. The more engaging the blog advertorial you publish, the more questions and interaction with followers will come in. Be available to answer their inquiries, make sure they can easily find your contact on their blog page as well.