Instagram influencers’ take on more followers with engaging contents

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Building a meaning community with Instagram influencers

A contest can accumulate a good number of reach and engagement for Instagram influencers

Instagram influencer marketing is about giving persona and humanizing the account.  Thus, it is crucial for top bloggers to retain and build strong community of followers of their own.  Building good rapport over time, whilst attracting more audiences with original creatives posted and published at the right time makes influencer marketing campaign even more effective:

Good Rapport with followers

Social media influencers are regarded as the expert of their niche.  Know your niche, share your knowledge, reply to their comment, answer the questions from followers, or you can be posting the question yourself to generate the conversation.  These things are applicable to any online influencers for building a good relationship, and to connect with your audiences.

Original Hashtag

Main forte of creating your hashtag is the ability to categorize your photos as you like, and it will also allow audiences and followers to partake by using the hashtag.  Furthermore, online influencers should be alert to current trend. Popular hashtag will let you find what is trending in your field of interest, and it will give you more insight into audiences’ interest which you can reflect on your content creation to further boost your influencer marketing.

Network with fellow influencers

Social media influencers’ community is not only comprised of followers and fans, but also fellow influencers.  For Instagram marketing, look for how top bloggers are engaging, what kind of community building has been implemented, and which other Instagram influencers these top bloggers are connected with.  Aside from that, you can go through photos in explore tab, as well as suggested users to engage with potential online influencers and audiences. Connecting with fellow social media influencers can go a long way.  You will be able to exchange information, create a joint online contest, and even a guest posting on one another’s account.  Not only such strategies will enliven your Instagram influencer marketing, but it will naturally enlarge your overall audience reach as well.

Top end contents for Instagram marketing

A contest can accumulate a good number of reach and engagement for Instagram influencers

Connecting with overall social media influencers and followers are important, but very foundation of your own niche should not be undermined as well:

Creative contents for top bloggers

From makeup, cooking, fashion to travel, the imagery is what appeals as Instagram influencers.  Explore the vast choice of photo editing applications to enhance your visual content creatively.  Keep in mind as well that video is the hottest content for this year, and there are many applications you can utilize to create your own video.  Instagram just came out with new feature of allowing users to post longer videos, so why not try something new?

Instagram contest

A contest can accumulate a good number of reach and engagement for Instagram influencers.  Mechanism can be very easy; participation by commenting, sharing post, using hashtags, or tagging a friend.  Simple wall contest can increase interaction, accumulate more followers, and you can learn interests of followers and potential audiences as well.

Whilst Instagram influencer marketing is deemed effective in reaching more audiences and increasing engagement, it is crucial to find such Instagram influencers who are truly versed with the platform, creative and engaging.  IRIS 247 is a talent management and blogger advertising website where you can find a perfect social media influencer for your campaign and social media.  Consult with our friendly media specialist today to find out more about Instagram influencer marketing.