Instagram influencers’ guide to engaging content creation

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Quick and visually captivating, Instagram marketing has risen tremendously in recent years. Social media influencers are often activated due to their relevancy to the promoted content, but also their immense pool of audience that guarantees the reach, as well as their niche that centralizes the campaign and audiences. Upon activation of Instagram influencer marketing, online influencers must always remember to produce engaging contents through their consistency, creativity, quality, and relevancy.

Creativity and Quality

Instagram marketing and tips in creating content for Instagram

 Explore the various photography application and gadgets to improve your images

Photo Editing and Camera Application

As a top blogger, creativity is part of the trait audiences are drawn to, explore the various editing apps to enhance your style, from filters to camera app which help you shoot in perfect grid, and entice your audiences.

Get your hands on creative gadgets

Photo editing application can add spices to imagery, but you can also use external clip on lenses such as fish-eyes. Instagram influencer sure has to have a consistent theme, but how creative you get is entirely up to you.


Quality goes to both photography and the story told in it. Instagram influencer is the one that aligns campaign message, their creativity and audiences. Whether it is DSLR, iPhone, or even an old school film cameras, choose a device that conveys the intended story more effectively.

Engaging with community

Instagram marketing and tips in creating content for Instagram

Share your passion through your content and connect with your followers

Be it a product or service, when you are engaging as an Instagram influencer, make sure there is your story in the content. Ask yourself questions such as; would I like this content? How will my followers would react to this content?  Put yourself in the audience’s shoes to see how the content would be perceived.

Hashtag Community

Hashtag allows Instagram influencers to bring topics, ideas, products, fans and users together.  Check out the trending hashtag you can use to further your reach, or you can create a campaign specific hashtag as well.

Tagging and URL

From products, brands, service, other top bloggers or even a place, you can include them in your Instagram marketing campaign with their tagging function.  That way you will enhance the network of the content itself, as well as building strong rapport with tagged bloggers.  It is also important that you include a shortened URL in your profile which can redirect users to the campaign’s specific page, or brand’s website if necessary. As an online influencer, keep in mind to assist your followers with smooth user experiences.


Instagram marketing and tips in creating content for Instagram

Keep it steady, but challenging and exciting

Creativity, quality, storytelling and the way you connect with your follower community, they all have to relate back to one thing and that is your identity as an Instagram influencer.  When a brand or company approaches you to work on Instagram marketing campaign, that is because they saw that your niche and theme align with their product or service. Try to focus on campaign message and your creative style, but do not forget to align your passion as well.

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