Instagram as a tool of Blog Advertising

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In this era of smartphones and social media, more people are drawn to Instagram to showcase their photography skills or to document their daily lives. Even bloggers are hooked with Instagram as this can serve as a tool for blog advertising.

If you are an online influencer who has an Instagram account, grab this opportunity to direct your followers to your website. With just a few Instagram blog advertising hacks, you can generate a great quality of blog traffic from Instagram.
Here are some tips on how you can generate blog traffic from your own Instagram account.

  1. Add your website link to your Instagram bio.

This is the most basic way to lead your Instagram followers to your website as Instagram lets you include one clickable link in your bio. All your followers will chance upon your website link once they visit your Instagram account, so use this chance to promote your blog website.

  1. Include Call to Action on your images or in your caption.

Another way of blog advertising on Instagram is including a call to action on your images – by layering your photo together with your website URL onto a visually pleasing photo. Or you can simply ask your followers to visit your Instagram profile and click your website link found on your Instagram bio. This blog advertising hack on Instagram is also ideal for online influencers who are doing blog contests or giveaways, just like what famous bloggers do.

  1. Include your website URL in your personal Instagram videos.

Videos bring storytelling to a new different level as it brings you in the moment. Post a sneak peek of your video blog or even just a peek of your everyday life and layer your website URL to your Instagram video. Three times more than the usual inbound links are generated from Instagram videos rather than image posts, so it is much advisable to spend a little time in your 15-second narrative.

  1. Why not invest in Instagram Ads?

Since Instagram opened its doors for paid advertising, brands, advertisers, or even blogger management agencies are doing Instagram ads. Even some famous and top bloggers use this to create blog awareness in a broader audience. With this Instagram ad together with your blog advertising in the same social media platform, you can see an increase in website visits and blog traffic. Also, this also gives you the capacity to be creative and to let your followers learn more about you, your blog, and your blog niche.

  1. Collaborate with a blogger in an Instagram photo or video.

If you have a friend that is also an online influencer, why not do collaboration? Do a photoshoot together or do Instagram videos! There’s a high chance that his/her followers will click your Instagram page and will most likely visit your website, and vice versa. Just make sure that the online influencer uses effective call to action to send their followers to your Instagram page or directly to your website. With an effective collaboration strategy, this blog advertising hack on Instagram will benefit you both ways.


As Instagram slowly becomes a revenue-based social media channel, it is sensible to strategize your blog advertising on Instagram now. Focus on driving your Instagram followers to click your website on your bio to generate higher new clicks and blog traffic.

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