Influencer Marketing: What is a Sponsored Post?

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As you go through influencer marketing and as you engage and collaborate with brands, marketers and advertisers, you will encounter such term as sponsored post. These sponsored posts are becoming a new trend in digital marketing, most especially to online influencers and bloggers who are working hand in hand with a blogger management agency. But what exactly is a sponsored post?

Writing about a product and getting paid for it is basically what sponsored post is. This is typically seen in popular blogs; with famous bloggers getting paid for an article they wrote that advertises and talks about a certain brand. Most of significant and big brands today consider sponsoring a post as consumers tend to trust top bloggers and online influencers.

Types of sponsored posts

There are three types of sponsored posts – sponsored post, sponsored giveaway and sponsored reviews. A sponsored post is a paid blog post written by an online influencer that promotes the brand, and is usually just an introduction of the brand or about the brand’s recent event. A sponsored giveaway, however, involves prizes provided by the brand for the blogger’s audience. The winners of such sponsored giveaway are usually generated by online draw lots generator. Or there are cases where the blogger asks the audience a question and the blogger gets to pick the winners. And last is the sponsored review, where a blogger has been paid to write a review for a certain product. They give the audience an insight of the product, and even the pros and cons of such brand.

Do sponsored posts benefit bloggers?

Yes, sponsored posts benefit bloggers in terms of earning. But aside from money talks, the bloggers attract brands to build a stronger and longer relationship together. With high quality sponsored posts, online influencers will greatly earn the trust and commitment of the brand. Also, doing sponsored posts can bring you closer to more and other bigger brands, expanding your horizon, and getting much more exposure, audience, and blog traffic.

Still, be you.

Before you accept to write a sponsored post, make sure it’s aligned with your blog niche and within your blog category. Also, a sponsored post should not be a copy and paste. You have to put your personality into your review, because that’s the reason why brands will tap you to do sponsored posts – they believe in your blog and in your character as an online influencer. And that’s also why your followers and readers love your blog because it is you.  They visit, read, and engage with you because you have the same interest, the same niche, and they trust your thoughts and opinions. Do sponsored posts without neglecting your own voice and tone. Show your readers your authenticity as an online influencer that they trust and look up to.

Interested in doing sponsored posts?

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