Influencer Marketing: A Blogger’s Community

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Blogger Comunity

Over the past few years, marketing has drastically emerged from traditional like television commercials and billboards, to online like social media marketing and search engine optimization. And from social media marketing and SEO comes the birth of influencer marketing.

As consumers are now more sensible buyers, and because they now have the power to check a certain brand before buying, they are now turning their heads towards influencers, most commonly known as bloggers. Why? Because consumers want first-hand insights.


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that involves bloggers to target a wide range of market. Brands, advertisers and marketers nowadays hire a blogger to write about them, knowing that this blogger is credible and has a vast number of followers and consistent readers. Essentially, any person who is consolidating immense and consistent followers is a potential influencer – from bloggers, personalities, and/or talents.


What is next for Bloggers?

Consumers nowadays expect something more from brands, they want creativity and first hand thoughts, not just mere idealistic traditional commercials from the past. That is why influencer marketing, bloggers, can also be considered as the next big thing in marketing and advertising. Many brands and marketers are now increasing their social media spends through the years, tapping famous bloggers and personalities to collaborate with – because they know that these people have already made a name in the industry, that they already followed and admired, and that they are already credible.


That’s why we’re here!

We, IRIS247, are here to to find both established and new breed of bloggers and talents who have unique and effective voices to tell brand stories and reach out a wider target market.

As a blogger community and talent management agency, we aim to get as much talents as we can – from bloggers, influencers, to emcees, models, actors, and etc. to cater the marketing needs of our clients and achieve success for the brands.

The good thing is you get to do this for free! You only need to register, create a profile then bid away. Moreover, you’ll not only get to share your talents, you will also be exposed to different brands across many categories which will build and grow your career.


Register now to know more about how you can use your voice and talents in supporting the brands you believe in and potentially influence a wider market!