How Top Bloggers Beat Writer’s Block

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It is amusing how top bloggers seem to come up with endless ideas for their blog posts. Yet there you are – laptop open, got yourself a cup of coffee hoping to fuel up your train of thought, staring at your laptop screen, all blanked out. Writer’s block – it gets the best of us. Either you’re a new blogger or already one of the top bloggers it can happen to you, in one point or another.

However, in the world of influencer marketing, this is undesirable, especially if you are working for a blogger campaign as an online influencer. In order to gain more audience and to achieve higher blog traffic, new or famous bloggers should regularly update their blog with high quality content.

But how do top bloggers do it? Here are some hints how top bloggers beat writer or blogger’s block.

  1. Stop writing.

This might come as unreasonable, but this helps most especially if you are already feeling a little burnout with blogging. Top bloggers spend time away from their laptops and they do something completely different from their usual routine of blogging. They go out with their friends or hang-out with their loved ones. Stop writing and give yourself a break from thinking and just go on living. You’ll feel more inspired to blog after a long day of not writing.

  1. Exercise your brain.

Play Board games and other intellectual yet fun games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles. Or you can choose from a wide array of brain games that is available online or from mobile apps. Some top bloggers exercise their brain with such games to get their mind working.

  1. Or do physical exercise!

To get your mind going, you have to keep your physical body moving. There’s a research that says there’s a link between exercise and creative thinking – regular exercise can ignite your creativity! Famous bloggers don’t stay all day in front of their laptops, either they go out with their friends or they visit the gym. Besides, you wouldn’t want those bulges in your portraits, right?

  1. Keep a notebook for your ideas.

Make sure not to forget or miss out any significant details from an experience or event that you want to blog about. Always have a handy notebook to write them down or use your phone’s sticky notes, to jot everything that interests you. Don’t let new ideas or thoughts pass by, keep a handy notebook to write down any new topic that comes to your mind.

Writer's Block.

  1. Go through your blog’s comments and ‘ask me’ page.

Get ideas from your readers. Top bloggers ensure that they spend some time engaging with their readers, most especially if they are online influencers or if they are working for a blogger management agency. Go through your blog’s comments and respond to each note from your readers and answer every inquiry. Gather new blog topics from their questions and inquiries.

  1. Read, read and read some more.

A great blogger or writer without a love for reading is close to impossible. Reading is essentially important as it expands our vocabulary and language. Most top bloggers and writers make time for their reading, not only to wander their mind from blogging but also to ignite their imagination and creativity. Take an hour a day or so reading a book, a magazine, an ePub, or any reading material. Know more interesting topics and expand your vocabulary.

Don’t feel too stressed if you are having a writer’s block because it happens to every blogger and writer. There are cure for this affliction, and you could try the hints we gave to eliminate bloggers and writer’s block.

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