Amplify your blogger engagement with cross platform marketing

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Incorporation of social media influencer is effective, because they have solid presence on various social media platforms.  Thus, putting importance on top bloggers to share their blog advertorial on their social media.  Just like Instagram is known for stylish and fashionable photos, each platform has their own forte when it comes to such content amplification.  Take a look at some key points for cross platform marketing and deliver your content more efficiently.


Blogger engagement is about brand and businesses content

Tailor made content

Ensuring the delivery of message is important, but what you should be aware of is how such content copy is displayed in each platform.  When it comes to cross platform marketing, word count affects how the content is displayed.  The title should be catchy and concise, and for platform such as Twitter where there is a word count limit you need to amplify everything in 140 words.  Most brands and companies will provide solid message they want to deliver across for their blogger engagement and influencer marketing.  Tailor their message carefully so your contents will appeal to more audiences.

Visual with a focus

Most blogger marketing campaign is accompanied by striking and attractive images, and there are different image sizes for different social media that is optimal for when the post appears on a newsfeed.  As an online influencer, you will be expected to know how to make such image size restriction to your advantage. Blogger engagement may be about brand and businesses content, but delivery is done by each individual top bloggers, so explore how you can deliver the visual with your unique style.

Know your audience

Just like different social media influencers have their preferred social media, so are audiences.  Know how your audiences engage with and react to your contents, and cater your contents delivery to their preferences.  Consider elements such as visual imagery, phrasing of copy, and URL, and modify contents for cross-post messages. Furthermore, cross post with an appropriate URL to other related post or other social media may broaden your audiences’ reach as well.

Concise and consistent amplification of message is key to any blogger engagement that is cross-promoted.  However, just because online influencers are present on different social media does not necessarily mean spamming every social media they are on with same contents guarantees the efficient amplification. Thorough understanding of campaign message, and each social media is the key.  Talent management and blogger advertising website like IRIS 247 offers vast choice of social media influencers to choose from who can amplify your campaign message. Enquire our friendly specialists and top bloggers today!