Choosing a Blog Niche

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After you decided to start a blog, the next important thing that you need to decide about is choosing your blog niche, just to make sure that the design and the theme of your blog reflects the niche or the general topic of your blog.

Simply understood as your blog topic, niche is the type of topic your cover and the content you offer to your audience. There’s no wrong niche, you can choose a broad or a narrow niche. But if you want to gain followers, readers, and brands, it is important to consider their interests.

Choosing a niche for your blog is important to keep your cyberspace nook as neat and unified as possible, not just to attract followers and readers but also to appeal to brands, advertisers and marketers that you could possibly work with in the future. It narrows your target audience but it is also the reason they will always come back – because you have their interest.

Here’s a list of tips on how you can find your perfect blog niche.

  1. Blog about your passion

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling but to story tell your passion, the thing that you love. So if you love fashion, make-up, entertainment, sports, or movies, and etc., go and blog about it! You have to blog about something you love, something of your interest to keep you going. List down the things you love or things that have your interest that you want to explore, and pick your top choice from there. Think outside of the box and be creative.

  1. Blog about your expertise

Aside from sharing your knowledge in your expertise to your readers, you will also learn new things along the way. Choose a niche you are good at and topics you have lots of ideas for. As you explore your field of expertise you will be surprised that you are learning new things through your thorough research and through your followers and readers. And from here, you can attract brands, advertisers and marketers, that have the same niche as yours, that you could engage, collaborate and work with.

  1. Find a hole

In this digital era where bloggers have already mushroomed in just a few years span, there is probably already a number of blogs in whatever blog niche you have already thought of. However, not everyone has explored every sides and angles of every niche, and this is your advantage. You can narrow your niche, as some say “niching down,” in the same manner that you are adjusting your target audience those topics that rarely gets attention. You can ask yourself, “What are people looking for? What am I looking for?” Ask yourself what’s missing and draw a possible blog niche from there.

  1. Be different

If you want to blog about a mainstream niche, always aim to be different. Going mainstream can be a bit difficult most especially if you want to stand out and gain consistent readers. And if so, you have to be different from the rest of the bloggers. If other niche blogs write longs posts, then you should keep yours short. If other bloggers writes, why not do a vlog (video blog)? Think about something interesting, or think the average and put a twist on it, something no one else has done. Brands love something new to their eyes, something unique that can appeal consumers, and with being unique you have a great potential to be an online influencer for these brands.

  1. Be you

Aside from being different, you should be you. One of the greatest things about blogging is that it gives you room to express your individuality, and readers are equally keen to know the person behind the blog. So there is nothing to be afraid of, besides, readers want authenticity and sincerity. Get them drawn to you just by being your true self.

  1. Decide and get inspired

Now that you have a list or ideas on what your blog niche will be, you now have to decide. And once you decide, don’t second guess yourself. Be confident and start a blog with your chosen niche. Inspire yourself and research topics about your niche to keep yourself excited and enthusiastic to start your blogging. Don’t be afraid to plunge in and figure it out as you go. It is only through this way that you will learn new things and expand your experiences.


Choosing a niche might be difficult, but once you find the perfect topic you will find it easy to write your blog content. Get going and get writing!

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