Internationalisation marketing with top bloggers in the market.

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Strong planning of marketing strategy, identifying your target audiences, the flow of marketing seems quite straight forward, but it is always good to know how close you are to effectively reaching out to your targeted audience and markets.  As we have mentioned several times, social media influencers are the perfect mediator for your brand voice that may come across rather corporate if otherwise.  This can be said not only for the local businesses that are already striving in the market, but especially for those who are looking to explore potential new markets.

Influencer marketing is widely practiced internationally, and is a very powerful way to implement market entry strategy as well.  Here are the top key take away from the launch of influencer marketing campaign:

Connect like a local

When it comes to top bloggers, brand should make sure that such reputation is built on strong content publication, and equally strong communication between bloggers and audiences.  What are the manner of speech used on social media? What tones are used in the copy? Not to mention the local languages and slangs, incorporating social media influencers in internationalisation marketing, especially those who boast large number of audiences who are also your target audiences, means it will help you reach out directly to them.

Cultural awareness as a market entry strategy

Perfect your market entry strategy with top bloggers and their market expertise.

Engaging a top blogger will allow to raise awareness about your brand a

nd to mediate brand message to your target audiences

Whether it is a product or service, it is important that the brand can accommodate their marketing strategy for the new market.  With marketing strategy that is adopted specifically for the market, including the implementation of influencer marketing featuring local top bloggers from that country, will portray the brand’s cultural awareness and sincere approach to the market itself.  For example, we are currently working with Sugar & Spice, which has recently launched a cross country campaign targeting South East Asia. We kicked off its influencer marketing campaign by engaging top bloggers in Thailand to visit their booth in the recently concluded THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2016. The objective of the campaign is to introduce Sugar & Spice as a must-buy Taiwan souvenir to new markets such as Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and Japan. Collaborating with these social media influencers whose niche is about food in general, would allow the brand to tap the blogger’s fan or follower base that serves as their potential consumers Do stay tuned as we feature more about our campaign for Sugar & Spice in our next articles.


More than just demographics

It is relatively easy to obtain the demographics of social media and market trends, but when it comes to drilling down to the niche and topics that are popular in the new market, it could be painstakingly tedious.  On the other hand, top bloggers are alert and aware of their niche and hot trends in their market.  Demographics will show suggestive figure of market penetration, but with these top bloggers, brands will be able to find the reason behind such demographic figures which will allow them to strategize appropriately for the market.

Each market comes with unique characteristics and potentials, and hundreds of successful top bloggers as well, who are very much versed with the market and its audiences.  Engage with us so we can strategize your influencer marketing campaigns featuring social media influencers across the globe, to reach out to your target market and potentially drive business growth.  Contact us today to meet your perfect marketing match!