Boost your Success in the Blogger Community

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Every blogger wants to achieve success. And for most, success means having thousands or millions of followers, consistent readers, gaining popularity, and or earning money from blogging. Yet in this era where there are over millions of blogs all over the internet, it is quite hard to establish your blog and yourself as a blogger into the blogger community.

And so we give you these tips on how you can make your blogging successful and as competent as possible.

  1. Patience is definitely a virtue.

Earning thousands of followers and readers and earning money from blogging does not happen overnight. You have to be patient and realistic especially if you have just started with blogging. Just continue updating your blog, to earn and build the trust of your readers and you will see your success gradually.

  1. Remember your blog niche.

Do not confuse your readers with everything that is on your mind. Narrow down your thoughts then stick and focus to your blog’s niche. This will also help you determine your target audience and from here you could focus more on the things and topics that will have their best interest. Your target audience will set you apart from other bloggers thus giving you consistent readers and followers.

  1. Promote your blog to your friends.

Start from the bottom and let your closest friends, co-workers, or whomever you can to read your blog. Make quality content that they can relate to so they could also share your blog post to their friends, let them advocate you. This will give your blog an initial audience that will keep the ball rolling.

  1. Be you-nique and create quality content.

As an individual, you have to represent your own self and personality in your blog. Make it you by producing your own content with your own thoughts and ideas through your own words. Keep things interesting by researching about new trends in your niche that no one has talked about yet, and then create quality content that you think will have the best interest of your readers. Or if you want to set yourself apart from the norm, do something different like creating a blog series, or think of innovative ways on how you blog and try vlogging (video blogging). The more unique and quality content you produce, the easier and faster it will be to establish a great number of followers and readers.

  1. Avoid being MIA (missing in action)

Don’t let a week pass by without adding new content in your blog. Create new content on a regular basis to keep the readers hooked, and in this way you can build and maintain a steady audience.

  1. Engage with your readers and other online influencers

Open up yourself to the online community and reach out to potential readers and bloggers that can advocate you in the long run. Start a conversation that you think your readers will be interested in and encourage them to write feedbacks and comments. Keep everyone in the circle and eventually they will return the kind favour by engaging with your blog.

  1. Explore other social media channels.

Focus on establishing yourself in one social media channel (aside from your blog), where bloggers and readers that share the same niche as yours are most likely to lair. Share your posts in this social media channel and use #hashtags so that people with the same interest can find you easily. You can also make your blog sticky (encourage people to stay or to return to your blog) by generating links within your blog post that leads to a relevant article also from your b log’s archive. Or get them subscribe to your blog by making your RSS feed available in just one click.

  1. Amplify your network by joining a blogger management agency.

If you want guaranteed number of followers and readers, not to mention engagements with big brands and advertisers, you should consider signing up with a blogger management agency. They can help you amplify your network not just with readers and bloggers, but also with significant brands that you can work and engage with. And that’s why we are here.


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