Importance of blogger engagement in word of mouth marketing

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Blogger engagement is crucial when implementing an influencer marketing.  Key benefit of incorporating blogger marketing campaign is word of mouth effect which makes brand’s marketing contexts more relatable to audiences.  Whether products and services are in sports, entertainment, hospitality to transportation, it is possible to implement blogger engagement, because such word of mouth marketing is based on social media influencer’s individual niche and interests which attracts various audiences.  With their personalized opinions, influencer’s blog advertorials are regarded as important resource where audiences and consumers can turn to upon making purchases.

Blog advertorial is important review, opinion and tutorial for audiences in various fields of interest, but how exactly so? Let’s take a look at some statistic figures for marketing with online influencers.

Majority of people rely on word of mouth recommendation

Importance of Blogger Engagement

83% of consumers trust recommendation from their family and friends upon making a purchase.

The figure shows that majority of people rely on word of mouth recommendation.  Brands and companies can blast their messages with their cross platform marketing, but at the end of the day, purchase decision comes down to whose opinion these people are going to trust.  The statistic is even higher for South East Asian countries, with overall 88% of people turn to recommendations from friends and family, led by Filipino with 91%.

Consumers trust online reviews by other users just as much as their own friends and family

When it comes to blogger engagement, these statistics won’t show that trust is given to influencers, but family and friends. So how can brands tap into such interest of consumers who greatly trust family and friends?  The answer lies in the very role of social media influencers, that they are neither celebrity nor brands, they can be a next door neighbour to just another consumer who is simply giving a review, just like any audiences out there. Further research figure shows that 68% of consumers trust online opinion from other consumers, and more importantly 88% of consumers trust online reviews by other users as just as much as their own friends, family and acquaintances.

Online influencers’ relatable experience matters more than just exposure

Friendly, approachable, relatable, but on top of that, what these figures show is the accountability based on social media influencer’s personal experience as a consumer. Visibility of brands and companies through sponsored post and paid post are important too, but when driving more engagement and sales through influencer marketing with paid blog, experience is what is accounted for over exposure.

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