Blogger engagement tips for prominent social presence throughout the campaign.

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When implementing a marketing campaign through blogger engagement, there are number of things to consider: brand’s industry, social media platform, targeted audiences, and campaign duration. Every campaign comes with different KPI and these factors should be carefully assembled together to launch the campaign successfully.

Deliver the message through experiences

Blogger engagement for business, learning from case studies in different industries.

Launch the soaring blogger engagement! Focus on the message, what’s the fun experience for audiences?

Each social media influencers have their own niche and theme that align with different social platforms. Cross platform marketing is part of the strategy by determining which social media and online influencers to engage.

For Marriot Hotel, it was about executing campaign around their core strategy around content, community, and commerce. With awareness of different audiences they could possibly reach on different social media, they engaged different social media influencers with prominent presence on YouTube and Snapchat. Furthermore, they engaged with musicians as a navigator of their grand facilities and premises through behind the scene videos.  The campaign emphasized on blog advertorial of how to enjoy one’s holiday and stay at their hotel, focusing their blogger marketing campaign around user experience orientated brand message.


Influencing chain reaction


Blogger engagement for business, learning from case studies in different industries.

Feed into hype and curiosity of social media audiences

Viral effect with blogger engagement is comprised of engaging content, social media engagement and execution of content at the right time. Good example of such viral effect created by incorporating influencer marketing is by South Africa’s Futurelife launching their product, Smart Drink. Their campaign was launched on Twitter, where first influencer Nick Frost tweeted the content, which was subsequently retweeted, by 2 other online influencers, and those were retweeted again by others and so on.  It was executed in the span of 4 days during which their hashtag remained in the trend throughout. By publishing the content through influencers in tiers, they managed to retain, and even feed more into the hype they created with the first tweet.

Execution and retention of campaign

Blogger engagement for business, learning from case studies in different industries.

Each blogger campaign differs, but there is always something to learn from successful campaigns

One reason of integrating blogger campaign is so that brand’s messages are broadcasted in more approachable manner, and as much as they can do so organically, they can also feed their own campaign hype organically. The key take away from aforementioned case studies are:

Message and Messenger

Determine your campaign strategy and find online influencers and top bloggers whose online presence align with and can enhance the campaign launch.

Door to door delivery

Where will your audience be? What platform will they be using? Marriot Hotel and Futurelife both executed in different manners, one with cross platform marketing, and another on Twitter where conversation happens online. Different topic should be adopted by different social media where it is appropriate.

Launch and follow up

Once campaign is launched, follow through. Retain the audiences’ attention and keep reaching out by launching campaign modules and messages in tiers.

Social media, campaign duration, bloggers, etc, there are many factors to consider upon executing a campaign with social media influencers.  If you are thinking of engaging with top bloggers but are unsure of other factors, drop a message to our media specialist at IRIS 247.  We are talent management and blogger advertising website with bloggers from different theme, social media, and languages.  Contact us today for consultation!