Adding blogger engagement to boost your cross platform campaign

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From display network to social media advertisement, there are various options for marketers and brands to explore options of how to execute their online marketing. Naturally, cross platform marketing shows how effective the chosen strategy is. The choice of campaign and promotion contents appropriate social media added with implementation of social media influencers, can optimize the campaign’s reach more efficiently.

The difference of display network advertisement and campaign with blogger engagement is that former can get the awareness and overall marketing message out to mass online public. However, when it comes to driving audiences and consumers to take an action such as making an offline purchase in the store, it will be more effective when blogger marketing campaign is implemented with online influencers. The statistics show that nearly 60% of people refer to online blogs and social media prior to making a purchase, of which 30% of people prefer to turn to such online recommendation endorsed by non-celebrities.


blogger engagement can be implemented to enhance your internet marketing

Mix and match – tailor your strategy for your campaign


Mix and match – mishmash that complements different strategies

First step is to figure out which platform and which top blogger to engage in your blog advertorial. Influencer marketing can be executed on various platforms, and each social media has unique forte that is suitable for particular contents.

Front line awareness with display network:

Display network ad on various platform such as Google and Baidu can generate lots of impressions. Such implementation can be optimized based on campaign budget, duration, and other interactions will arise depending on how engaging the content was to audiences. Blogger engagement is effective, but their audience may be limited to their followers. Thus, incorporation of both strategies can complement one another in terms of their reach.


blogger engagement can be implemented to enhance your internet marketing

One of the perks of blogger engagement is word of mouth strategy,

better content you produce, the more for bloggers and audiences to talk about


Push more awareness and show audience how to interact:

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, blogger engagement is effective when delivering brand message that is more genuine and relatable. Social media influencers are so called expert of their niche, hobby and interests. Whilst brand’s direct message on display ad may sound relatively commercial, bloggers’ voice will be received organically. Thus, blogger engagement can alter brand’s direct marketing message and content more approachable by focusing on how to experience and enjoy their products and services.

Counteracting changing algorithms on social media

Social media platforms are regularly updating algorithms of contents flow on their timelines.  If the contents are not engaging enough, there are less chance that it will get much reach without paid ads.  Including recent updates from Instagram, contents platforms are moving towards quality focus over quantity.  Such algorithms includes comments and shares over simple likes on the posts, and this is where blogger engagement can come in handy. They are the social media influencers who can generate conversation within their community which naturally leads to higher engagement with the content in the long run.

Once display ad and strategies are set, campaign can roll, but with blogger engagement it can go even further.  IRIS 247 is a talent management and blogger advertising website where you will find your perfect match for the campaign.  Catered for various topics and languages, we can help you boost your campaign with our top bloggers. Inquire us for more details!