Curate an audience catered content to drive your blogger engagement

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Social media influencers’ numbers are soaring every year which gives ever expanding choice of blogger engagement. While it allows you to nick pick the one who is perfectly suited to the campaign, it is also an important task for brands and companies to carefully align influencer’s theme, interest, and niche to their sponsored content, as well as audiences’ interest. Thoroughly understanding interests of audiences is an important step neither brands nor bloggers can miss.

From automotive, fashion, electronic gadget to foods, there are thousands of blogs about different topics. Once sponsored post has been arranged with the brands, online influencers should be aware of audiences’ interest and their online behaviour, so that they can cater brands topic in most optimal delivery.


Engagements are more than just numbers

Number of fans and followers are always a good indication when choosing social media influencers for sponsored content, and also visualizes the demand of such interests shared between online influencers and audiences. However, the success of blogger marketing campaign lies within the overall engagement and interaction of all people involved.


Who are your audiences?

Creative and unique ways in producing a paid/sponsored content

Your niche brings community together, but what are their personal interests?


Review your previous blogger marketing campaign and see frequency of comments, tone of speech and so on, ask yourself few questions to see what type of people are your audiences. Family status, profession, interests other than your niche can show more of tendencies and interest. That is where you will find hints to alter the contents in the manner that attracts more attention and thus engagements. Furthermore, remember that social media influencers’ words are sought after because of their expertise, so try to think how you can recommend a brand’s message to the audience enticingly.


How well are you engaging with your audiences?

Creative and unique ways in producing a paid/sponsored content

Receiving any kind of responses is important just as it is rewarding for any top bloggers.

Actively reciprocate with their comments and inquiry, address their questions in your blog to

acknowledge their readership, so you can build a strong blog community of yours.


Given the large number of paid blogs and paid posts, it is hard to set a benchmark that you can constantly refer to. However, keeping track of time and hours where you get more comments and interactions, will help you figure out the optimal time to post your blog advertorial. Engagement does not necessarily mean one way, and it is as much important for online influencers to engage with fans. Building rapport will liven up your own community of blog and social media which can contribute to overall performance of blogger engagement.


What’s going on in your niche field, and your competitor’s page?

There are many things you can learn from top bloggers and competitors’ pages. If there are particularly successful contents, try to study what was behind their successful blogger engagement; method of interaction with audiences, the way topics are laid out in their blog advertorial and so on. Try to see what they did different which you can incorporate onto your blog advertorial as well.


Blogger engagement is an online conversation between social media influencers and their audiences. From choosing to engaging a social media influencer with niche that matches your brand’s campaign, and who also has active community of audiences, IRIS 247 can help you to execute successful influencer marketing. Consult our specialist from talent management and blogger advertising website today!