Asian Beauty Bloggers for Dr. Cink’s Hydrating Serum Regional Influencer Campaign

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Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s our genes. Whatever the case, we’ve all suffered from dry skin at some point. It’s such a hassle! Especially when you’re applying makeup and your skin is all dry and flaky. Good thing Dr. Cink’s Hydrating Serum is now here to save the day!

The serum is a part of Dr. Cink’s professionally formulated hydrating collection. The hydrating serum itself was actually designed for surgery aftercare, but it can also be for everyday use. It contains macromolecules of Hyaluronic acid which forms a transparent layer over the skin to keep it moisturized. It also contains Vitamin B5 which enlivens and repairs damaged skin.

As part of their promotions, Dr. Cink’s professional skincare started a regional influencer campaign in Asia. We focused on engaging beauty bloggers and social media influencers to post and write blogger reviews about the product on their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to widen the audience reach. Among the influencers were Ja Young and Somin Park from Korea, Twice Blessed (by Bec and Marissa) and Rachel James from Australia, and Chin Chin Obcena from the Philippines.The campaign lasted three months to guarantee maximum influencer engagement with the bloggers’ huge network of followers.

Blogger influencer Twice Blessed by Bec and Marissa:

Social Media Influencer Rachel James:

Aside from photos and blogger reviews, we also ask our influencers to use various media forms to engage their audience. Just like this video social media influencer Chin Chin Obcena  posted on her Instagram that garnered over three thousand views:

Dr. Cink’s hydrating serum is only available in Taiwan at the moment. The influencer marketing campaign aimed to measure the response of the audience within the influencers’ reach to see the potential market within those countries.

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