Singapore Bloggers for MARIGOLD’s Influencer Marketing Campaign

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For 50 years, MARIGOLD has been committed in improving the quality of life of consumers through providing nutritious products. They have been among the leading brands to provide ready-to-drink beverages and dairy products in Singapore. With their dedication in producing … Read More

Malaysia Beauty Bloggers for Biore Perfect Cleansing Water

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In a world that seeks instant gratification and convenience, the discovery of Micellar water is a godsend for all the low-maintenance, skin conscious girls out there. Its liquid form with Nano-sized Micelles that absorb sebum and rids face of unwanted oil and … Read More

Malaysia Beauty Influencers for Liese Winter Holiday in Tokyo Promo

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Winter in Japan is a dream. You get to feel the cold breeze while crossing the streets of Shibuya. Catch snowflakes and don a Harajuku style winter outfit while hitting the streets of Tokyo. Or sip a warming cup of Sake along … Read More

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