Curate an audience catered content to drive your blogger engagement

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Social media influencers’ numbers are soaring every year which gives ever expanding choice of blogger engagement. While it allows you to nick pick the one who is perfectly suited to the campaign, it is also an important task for brands … Read More

Importance of blogger engagement in word of mouth marketing

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Blogger engagement is crucial when implementing an influencer marketing.  Key benefit of incorporating blogger marketing campaign is word of mouth effect which makes brand’s marketing contexts more relatable to audiences.  Whether products and services are in sports, entertainment, hospitality to … Read More

Amplify your blogger engagement with cross platform marketing

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Incorporation of social media influencer is effective, because they have solid presence on various social media platforms.  Thus, putting importance on top bloggers to share their blog advertorial on their social media.  Just like Instagram is known for stylish and … Read More

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