Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger for Abbott Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Abbott has always been in the pursuit of making life better for people, creating new innovative products to improve the health and well-being of the consumers. As people are generally having a lower fiber intake, Abbott is pushing its latest SURBEX Nutri-Fiber to help consumers increase their daily fiber intake. SURBEX Nutri-Fiber is specially formulated to absorb more water that ease defecation and prevent constipation.


As part of their marketing strategy, Abbott started an influencer marketing campaign to drive online awareness. With the help of IRIS247, Malaysian lifestyle bloggers, Linora Low and Kelly Chin, were engaged for its latest influencer marketing campaign. Both instagram influencers did blogger reviews on SURBEX Nutri-Fiber and promoted the products via the social media postings on their Instagram accounts and their personal blogs.

Lifestyle Blogger: Linora Low

Here’s a simple recipe to get more fiber in your diet. I shared my Berry-healthilicious recipe smoothie during the Surbex Nutri-Fibre. Super easy to make, yummy, and packed with essential nutrients for your body. Ingredients 1⁄2 cup of water / almond milk Frozen Blueberries Frozen Strawberries 1 sachet of Surbex Nutri-Fiber Blend together and enjoy this smoothie. Don’t worry that Surbex Nutri Fiber is neutral in taste, dissolves easily so there’s no extra clumps when you mix it with this smoothie or any drink for that matter. You can also use it for baking too. This will help in your bowel movement and won’t cause any cramping or abdominal pain. Take care of your gut health fit fam. Want to try? Head over to Abbott ALP website for free sample #freesample #Surbexnutrifiber

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Lifestyle Blogger: Kelly Chin

Selecting the Right Lifestyle Blogger for your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Selecting the right online influencers is crucial to the social influencer marketing campaign as each lifestyle blogger has their own style and their own distinct set of audience. Their lifestyles and values must also resonate with the brand’s mission and values.


Since Abbott emphasised a great deal on healthy living, it is natural to choose Malaysian bloggers that known to be passionate about healthy living and exercise. This increase the credibility of their reviews about SURBEX Nutri-fiber, influencing their audience to a higher extent and boosting the effectiveness of the blogger marketing campaign.

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Asian Beauty Bloggers for Dr. Cink’s Hydrating Serum Regional Influencer Campaign

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Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s our genes. Whatever the case, we’ve all suffered from dry skin at some point. It’s such a hassle! Especially when you’re applying makeup and your skin is all dry and flaky. Good thing Dr. Cink’s Hydrating Serum is now here to save the day!

The serum is a part of Dr. Cink’s professionally formulated hydrating collection. The hydrating serum itself was actually designed for surgery aftercare, but it can also be for everyday use. It contains macromolecules of Hyaluronic acid which forms a transparent layer over the skin to keep it moisturized. It also contains Vitamin B5 which enlivens and repairs damaged skin.

As part of their promotions, Dr. Cink’s professional skincare started a regional influencer campaign in Asia. We focused on engaging beauty bloggers and social media influencers to post and write blogger reviews about the product on their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to widen the audience reach. Among the influencers were Ja Young and Somin Park from Korea, Twice Blessed (by Bec and Marissa) and Rachel James from Australia, and Chin Chin Obcena from the Philippines.The campaign lasted three months to guarantee maximum influencer engagement with the bloggers’ huge network of followers.

Social media influencer Ja Young:

Beauty Blogger Somin Park:

Blogger influencer Twice Blessed by Bec and Marissa:

Social Media Influencer Rachel James:

Aside from photos and blogger reviews, we also ask our influencers to use various media forms to engage their audience. Just like this video social media influencer Chin Chin Obcena  posted on her Instagram that garnered over three thousand views:

Dr. Cink’s hydrating serum is only available in Taiwan at the moment. The influencer marketing campaign aimed to measure the response of the audience within the influencers’ reach to see the potential market within those countries.

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Malaysia Beauty Bloggers for Liese Malaysia’s #LieseCNYOOTD contest

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One of the most fun and exciting parts of the holidays is planning the perfect celebratory outfit. Choosing the right ensemble and appropriate pair of shoes to complement your style is a delightful experience especially for all the fashionistas. Not to mention going over shades of makeup and fashionable hairstyles and picking the one that fits your overall look for the occasion. To add to all the excitement of the holidays, Kao Liese created #LieseCNYOOTD contest for their Malaysian fans with a Panasonic DMC-GX85K camera up for grabs.

The contest entails fans to upload a flat lay snapshot of their planned Chinese New Year outfit online with the hashtag #LieseCNYOOTD and a caption that says where and who they’d like to spend the holiday with while wearing the outfit. This month long contest runs from 22nd December 2016 until 22nd January 2017 with a prize worth RM 3,699 of Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85K digital camera. And to encourage more people to join this wonderful contest, the brand teamed up with Malaysia beauty bloggers for their influencer marketing campaign.



As part of Kao Liese Malaysia’s Chinese New Year Instagram influencer campaign, they have partnered with Malaysia beauty bloggers Jovin Chan, EmilyZying and Jorise Lee to help promote and encourage netizens to join their online contest. In line with the promotion for #LieseCNYOOTD, the team of three Malaysian beauty bloggers shared their Chinese New Year outfits on Instagram and Facebook along with the mechanics of the contest while encouraging their followers to join. With its unique and fun concept, and the help of online influencers plus an enticing prize up for grabs, #LieseCNYOOTD contest ended successfully with lots of lovely entries from the brand’s online fans.


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Malaysia Influencers for FreshKon® Malaysia’s Blogger Review

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Contact lenses are a godsend for our four-eyed friends who seek comfort and freedom of movement. Unlike eyeglasses that tend to slip down and occasionally fog up, with its thin and gel-like form these are not an issue when wearing contact lenses. Not only is it safe and hassle free to use but with the growing trend towards colour cosmetic lenses, wearing it has become more significant in terms of style and fashion. Especially during celebratory months like December and January, where everyone’s busy preparing for their holiday look. And for this year’s holiday season, FreshKon®  the leading international cosmetic contact lens brand engaged social media influencers in Malaysia to promote their cosmetic contact lenses online just in time for Christmas and New Year.

With the brand’s belief that fashion should be a way of life, they have committed to providing extensive ranges of cosmetic contact lenses that cater to diverse desires and needs of modern day individuals. Their flagship signature lines, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes and FreshKon® Colors Fusion, are widely embraced by fashionistas not just as a corrective eyewear but as a charming accessory as well.

To showcase FreshKon® Malaysia’s range of contact lenses, they have partnered up with Malaysia influencers Agnes Ma, Anerly Fang, Emily Zying, Hanie Hidayah, Jorise Lee, Jovin Chan,  Khadyjah FathyahLyssa Faizureen, Nisa Kay, Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity, Shea Rasol, Uzu Emas Putih and Yuyu Zulaikha for their influencer marketing campaign. This team of influencers picked for the campaign was not only composed of bloggers, but actors and models were also a part of the online promotion.


Malaysia influencer Agnes Ma rocking the natural shades of FreshKon® Alluring Eyes Magnetic Grey!


Donning the sparkling and bright colours of FreshKon® contact lenses, Malaysia Blogger Anerly Fang.


Feeling and looking totally amazing, Malaysia influencer Jorise Lee wearing FreshKon® Mosaic Charming Brown!


Malaysia Blogger Hanie Hidayah in her deep and subtle shade of FreshKon® Mosaic lenses!


Social Media Influencer Jovin Chan loving the captivating shades of Winsome Brown FreshKon® Alluring Eyes!


Here’s Malaysia influencer Khadyjah Fhatyah, looking fresh whilst flaunting her gorgeous eye makeup and Winsome Brown FreshKon® Alluring Eyes lenses!


The influencer marketing campaign features three of FreshKon®’s signature line of products, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes, FreshKon® Colors Fusion and FreshKon® Mosaic. A natural take on cosmetic contact lenses, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes’s neutral shades and defined outline, gives your overall makeup look an alluring and eye-popping effect. While other products such as FreshKon® Colors Fusion and FreshKon® Mosaic provides colourful and captivating options for those who prefer distinctive and bright cosmetic lenses.


Korang.. Cantik tak warna contact lens yang Lyssa pakai sekarang ni ? hihi. Cantik kan ! Yang sebelah kiri ni, Lyssa pakai warna Misty Grey. Yang sebelah kanan ni pula, warna Gleaming Green. Memang sesuai la dengan kulit Lyssa kan.. hee. Contact lens ni dari @freshkonmy tau. Dan Lyssa buat keputusan untuk grab yang Freshkon Colors Fusion Monthly Lenses punya. So, boleh lah sebulan ni nak cantik-cantik dengan contact lens baru..yey! Jujur Lyssa cakap, Lyssa memang suka sangat dengan efek warna contact lens ni . Bukan setakat mata kita nampak besar, siap nampak efek bersinar-sinar lagi tu haa.. tu yang best tu ! Dan selesa sangat bila pakai tau! Selain dari 2 warna ni, ada banyak lagi warna cantik yang lain. Korang boleh pergi tengok sendiri dekat mana-mana optical outlets atau boleh terus je ke website p/s : Bagi yang menyambut Hari Krismas tu, kalau nak cantik, baik cepat-cepat grab contact lens dari FreshKon sekarang ! Rugi tau kalau korang lepaskan peluang ni. Hihi. 😀 Untuk info lanjut, korang boleh terus ke : FB : @Freshkon.Malaysia IG : @freshkonmy #ILoveFreshKon #contactlens #mistygrey #gleaminggreen #freshkonmy #kbba9 #kelabbloggerbenashaari

A photo posted by Blogger LyssaSecretdotCom (@lyssafaizureen) on

Malaysia Blogger Lyssa Faizureen captivating us with her pretty makeup paired with FreshKon® Colors Fusion Misty Grey!


Sparkling in her brown outfit and bright FreshKon® Colors Fusion Dazzlers Warm Hazel, Malaysia Lifestyle blogger Nisa Kay.


Social Media Influencer Sharifah Eleen looking pretty and fab in her Velvet Blue FreshKon® Mosaic contact lenses.


Traveling in style, Malaysian lifestyle blogger Shea Rasol wearing her FreshKon® Colors Fusion Misty Grey while out and about in Cotabato City!


Blushing Malaysian blogger Uzu Emas Putih wearing her Blushing Violet FreshKon® Colors Fusion lenses!


Malaysia Blogger Yuyu Zulaikha, looking all natural with her FreshKon® cosmetic lenses.


Geared towards promoting the brand during the most festive season of the year, the timing of the campaign was a perfect opportunity to reach a wider set of audiences. By using Malaysia influencers such as bloggers, models and actors to do a review on the products during the most busy and cheerful days of the year has given FreshKon® Malaysia a chance to engage more potential customers looking to celebrate the season in style.

Create an influencer marketing campaign that’s appropriate for the season! Team up with us and we’ll help you find the perfect social media influencer that’ll fit your brand message. IRIS 247 is a brand that specialises in searching, engaging and managing online influencers and bloggers in APAC. We can aid you in amplifying your online presence to reach markets across Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Or help your brand in executing regional influencer campaigns suited for different occasions, tailored to your marketing objective. Get in touch with us and let us work together in achieving the goals of your brand!


Singapore Bloggers for MARIGOLD’s Influencer Marketing Campaign

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For 50 years, MARIGOLD has been committed in improving the quality of life of consumers through providing nutritious products. They have been among the leading brands to provide ready-to-drink beverages and dairy products in Singapore. With their dedication in producing healthy and delicious drinks, they ceaselessly offer new and exciting products to meet the wants and needs of their customers. And with the trend towards living healthy and eating right, they produced yoghurt and yoghurt drinks to cater the demand of their health conscious market.

Same Goodness in different flavours and sizes

A nutritious and delightful alternative for snacking, these dairy products come in various flavours and sizes. MARIGOLD Yoghurt, a range of creamy yoghurt packed with the goodness of Calcium comes with a low fat and non-fat variant. MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink, with its 5 delicious flavours, combines the refreshing taste of real fruit juice with the smooth and creamy goodness of yoghurt. As part of their marketing strategy, MARIGOLD started an influencer marketing campaign to drive online awareness through Singapore social media influencers.

To promote MARIGOLD’s new line of dairy products, MARIGOLD teamed up with Singapore bloggers and celebrities like Candyce Toh, Clara Chua, Francesca Tan, Sophia Chong, & Joanna Lim. Each online influencer were tapped to do a blogger review on MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink and MARIGOLD Yoghurt through social media postings on Facebook and Instagram.

Singapore bloggers from different niches and celebrities were chosen to participate in MARIGOLD’s blogger engagement campaign to share their reviews through Facebook and Instagram. Among them are actress Candyce Toh, Clara Chua, Francesca Tan, Sophia Chong, and Joanna Lim who all shared the goodness of MARIGOLD Yoghurt and MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink to their online followers.

Celebrity Blogger and Actress Candyce Toh:

Some people ask me how I regain my pre-pregnancy body. Truth is, I haven’t regained my body yet.. Haha.. Pregnancy fats are still stuck onto me.. I suffered bone injury during delivery, and because of that I cant exercise. I breastfeed. Because of breastfeeding, I don’t diet. So I can only put healthy food into my mouth to make sure I won’t gain unnecessary fats. I eat wholemeal bread & rice, cut down on fried food & soft drinks, and I incorporate yoghurt into my meals as a healthy snack. My personal choice for yoghurt is MARIGOLD Non Fat Yoghurt. It contains calcium (very important for breastfeeding mums!), live probiotic cultures to aid digestion, and it’s a healthier choice certified by HPB. It is rich, creamy and contains real chunks of fruit! MARIGOLD Non Fat Yoghurt has no sugar added and I have 6 flavours to choose from – Strawberry, Peach Mango, Mixed Berries, Aloe Vera, Blueberry and Natural. I love snacking, and I’m so glad snacking can be substituted by something healthy!! #MARIGOLDYoghurt #sp #candycetoh

A photo posted by Candyce Toh 杜蕙甹 (@candycetoh) on

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Food Blogger Clara Chua:

A photo posted by Clara Bean (@explodingbelly) on

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Fashion, Style & Travel Blogger Francesca Tan:

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Fashion and Travel blogger Sophia Chong


Youtube vlogger and actress Joanna Lim:

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With MARIGOLD Singapore’s goal to provide healthy beverages to their market through tapping these Singapore bloggers’ audience, the influencer marketing campaign for MARIGOLD Yoghurt and MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink has undoubtedly made an impact on the brand’s target reach online.


Engage different types of bloggers and famous personalities for your brand! IRIS 247 specialises in searching, engaging and managing online influencers and bloggers in APAC. We can help you in engaging with talents managed by agencies as well as independent bloggers who will help you reach your marketing objectives. Let us aid you in spreading your brand message to reach wider markets across Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you in your influencer marketing campaign.

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