IRIS 247 is a Blogger Management and Influencer Marketing platform that helps marketers Search, Engage, and Manage bloggers and social media influencers. We look for suitable online personalities who can spread the brand's message across relevant digital channels. We can also engage freelance actors, models, and event emcees to support the brand's on-ground marketing efforts.


We specialise in regional influencer marketing campaigns that address the diverse localised language needs of brands that aim to target countries in Asia Pacific, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, and more. We engage digital influencers and top bloggers and manage them from initial point of coordination to the completion of campaign deliverables.



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Gain exposure and awareness among your target niche market who are more likely to be receptive of your brand’s message.


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Drive brand awareness by collaborating with reliable bloggers and influential key opinion leaders to talk about your brand or campaign.


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Push your brand message through well-written posts, beautiful photography, and captivating videos produced by influential bloggers and talents.




Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger for Abbott Influencer Marketing Campaign
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Abbott has always been in the pursuit of making life better for people, creating new innovative products to improve the health and well-being of the consumers. As people are generally having a lower fiber intake, Abbott is pushing its latest … Read More

Asian Beauty Bloggers for Dr. Cink’s Hydrating Serum Regional Influencer Campaign
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Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s our genes. Whatever the case, we’ve all suffered from dry skin at some point. It’s such a hassle! Especially when you’re applying makeup and your skin is all dry and flaky. Good thing Dr. … Read More

Malaysia Beauty Bloggers for Liese Malaysia’s #LieseCNYOOTD contest
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One of the most fun and exciting parts of the holidays is planning the perfect celebratory outfit. Choosing the right ensemble and appropriate pair of shoes to complement your style is a delightful experience especially for all the fashionistas. Not … Read More

Malaysia Influencers for FreshKon® Malaysia’s Blogger Review
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Contact lenses are a godsend for our four-eyed friends who seek comfort and freedom of movement. Unlike eyeglasses that tend to slip down and occasionally fog up, with its thin and gel-like form these are not an issue when wearing … Read More

Singapore Bloggers for MARIGOLD’s Influencer Marketing Campaign
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For 50 years, MARIGOLD has been committed in improving the quality of life of consumers through providing nutritious products. They have been among the leading brands to provide ready-to-drink beverages and dairy products in Singapore. With their dedication in producing … Read More

Malaysia Beauty Bloggers for Biore Perfect Cleansing Water
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In a world that seeks instant gratification and convenience, the discovery of Micellar water is a godsend for all the low-maintenance, skin conscious girls out there. Its liquid form with Nano-sized Micelles that absorb sebum and rids face of unwanted oil and … Read More

Malaysia Beauty Influencers for Liese Winter Holiday in Tokyo Promo
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Winter in Japan is a dream. You get to feel the cold breeze while crossing the streets of Shibuya. Catch snowflakes and don a Harajuku style winter outfit while hitting the streets of Tokyo. Or sip a warming cup of Sake along … Read More

Malaysia food bloggers for BOH’s Green Tea Latte Campaign
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  Have you found your matcha? If you are still looking, then this might be your cup of tea. Just recently BOH Tea introduced its latest product in the market, the Green Tea Latte. Made with authentic Japanese Matcha and infused … Read More